Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toga party

For some reason Westin wanted to put my tank top on. So I put it on him and it was just long enough for him! And then one arm came out so he looked like he was going to a toga party in my white tank and one arm out. He is so silly. And he kept it on for a while too lol.
The other day I found Westin in the window seal playing his guitar. I was trying to get a good pic of his by the window, but he didn't stay there very long once he discovered me taking pics of him. I thought the light from the window would make a cute pic. This is the best I got.
Westin was listening to Queen with Uncle Cooper. Westin likes to harass Cooper when he is at the computer. So Cooper put Queen on and let Westin listen. They were jamming out! And Westin fav song his Crazy little thing called love.

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