Monday, May 31, 2010

We went to my Dad's Friday night. He was boiling some shrimp so he invited us over. Deanna was there with her daughter and they had a pool set up. It was in the shape of a whale and the blow hole was a water fountain. Of course Westin wanted to get in and I didn't bring his bathing suit b/c it started to rain before I left. But it was sun shining there so Deanna let us borrow one of Grace's little swimmers. He stayed in those till the sun went down. He was in and out of that pool. He had so much fun. My dad drove us around the block in his jeep and Westin loved it. He had fun.

he loves to play music!

Also while we were at Wal-mart we got Westin this guitar. It plays 5 different song, Wild Thing, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, You're an Allstar, Loveshack, and SOS. You can also make noise with the whammy bar and if you strum the strings it will make a sound. It is really cool and he likes it. He just loves music! He drums on everything and he loves any song he hears. If he hears a song on tv he will stop to listen. It is so cute.

giant coloring book!

He loves to color! He is so cute! So we were at Wal-mart and we bought him a giant coloring book and fat crayons. We colored together! But you have to watch him or he will color on other things! lol

They both fit

I can't believe they both fit. Jacie was laying peacefully on the couch and here comes Jesse bear eyeing her spot. He would not let it go. I tried to get him to lay somewhere else on the couch, but he did not want to lay anywhere else. So we tried to move Jacie over as far as we could on one side so Jesse bear could get up. And he did. He jumped up on the couch and they both laid there next to each other for a while. Dogs are so like children.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

he likes watermelon!

I never know day by day what Westin will eat. There are a few things I know he will eat for sure, like rice and chicken and veggies, french fries, yogurt, applesauce and peanut butter. But most days are figuring out what he will eat. So I try to throw things in there and see how it goes. And if he likes it, that doesn't mean he will eat it again. He is so crazy with his eating. He usually eats good, but figuring out what he wants to eat is tiring. So I was so surprised when I gave him watermelon and he ate it and wanted more. He ate a good bit and ate some more today! I am so glad to see him eating new things! And I love watermelon and glad he likes it too. It just isn't summer time until you have watermelon juice running down your face! :)

I have an addiction

I must admit I have an addiction. It seems I cannot make a scrapbook LO without using my white Uni-ball pen. I love that pen. I love to doodle with it or journal with it. That pen is awesome and when I need to add a little something on my LO I usually grab my pen and doodle some pattern on my LO. I love the way it looks on my LO. It pulls everything together.
So I did this LO for the May monthly sketch challenge week 4 on I really loved the sketch. I used several photos and I have a lot of photos I need to scrap. And I used what was left of my Cosmo cricket, garden variety collection. I shed a little tear. I really loved that collection. I love all the colors. It did have a little more flowers then I like since I usually am doing boy LO's, but I could work around the flowers. The flowers were subtle and the colors were just so pretty. I love Cosmo Cricket paper!

Let's play a game

Let's play a game called find the dog. She is in the pic somewhere lol. Mom's backyard is a jungle and it is hard to spot the dogs sometimes. I think it is funny how they hide in all that grass. Even my big moose can hide in all that. I just thought this was a funny pic.

Monday, May 24, 2010

bad booga man

My little man has not been his self lately :( He hasn't been eating very well. He takes very short naps and those never seem to be enough. I am afraid his teeth are bothering him again. He only has a few more teeth left to come in. So I hope this is the last of the teething bit. I hate when my booga man isn't quite himself! I hope he is feeling like himself soon!

Keep an eye out for some scrapbook LO's I will be posting hopefully tmw. I have been scrapping but haven't had time to take pics and post them. See above paragraph :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

my baby is back!

I got my booga man back today! I missed him, but he had so much fun with his maw-maw. I am glad he got to spend the whole weekend with her. And if we lived here we could do this all the time!!!!!! I could have many weekends off! lol Let's see, what did I do on my weekend off? Friday night me and mom watch one of my netflix movies, Whip It and it was so good! It made me miss my skating days at Skate City and at Sonic! I miss skating. And Cheri wanted to go skating while I was here so Roy looked for my skates, but couldn't find them :( I was so upset. They have got to be somewhere. Now let's get back to the subject, Then Sat we had chicken biscuits for breakfast, then we laid out by the pool. Then Carol came over after work about 2:00 to lay out with us. We got in the pool when it got too hot and laid in blow up rafts. It was very nice and relaxing. I did get burnt on my butt! I guess that area hasn't seen sun in a while lol. Later that night mom made mudslides with ice cream and chocolate syrup, yum! And we watch Doubt which was pretty good. Sunday, got up, had Mc Donald's breakfast and chilled for a while, then got a little scrapbooking done. And meet Tressie to pick up my booga man about 5:00. It wasn't that exciting of a weekend, but it was a nice, enjoyable lazy weekend off.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

new car seat

This was Westin's very first ride in his new big boy car seat! I used a sketch from May monthly sketch challenge week 3 at I have been waiting to use this Cosmo Cricket , Joyride line since I bought it a few months ago. I was waiting for the perfect pic to use this paper. I found a ride ticket on one of the PP's and I thought it would be perfect for the title. I distressed the ends of the pp with my scissors and put dashes around to complete this LO!

Toy Box

Here is the start of my LO's I have been working on this week. This LO I did for the page map challenge week 1. I really wanted some red on this LO and I didn't have much red PP. So I found this red polka dot The Girl's Paperie PP left over. I thought it was a little plain so I added the striped ribbon and the star. I still thought it needed something so I doodled the blue stars.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I heart ice cream

Now I can explain. I heard the ice cream truck and was running around the house trying to get someone to go outside with me or stop the truck until I could get some money. Well luckily for me some kids were getting ice cream from the truck a few houses down so the truck was stopped and gave me time to get some money. I asked Cooper if he wanted some ice cream and he turned me down. I was like "really?" He said, "yea" he already had a snack after he got home from school. So I ask mom if she had any cash b/c I did not :( She told me to look in her wallet. Jack pot! So I grab a dollar bill and my wallet, b/c I knew I had change incase it cost more than a dollar, and ran outside! I get to the truck and everything is like $2. So I dig through my change and manage to get a dollars worth of change so I now have $2. I tell the ice cream man I want a chocolate fudge sunday bar thing. He looks for it and he is out. So I go with the large ice cream sandwich! It was pretty good too! It wasn't too cold so I could eat it right away!!!
That is all for now. I will make a scrapbook post later. I got a few scrapbook LO's done and one card. And is not working right now. That might have to wait till tom! I got to cook supper then Grey's is coming on tonight. And Mister here did not take his nap.

This is what I have been doing this week

This is what I have been up to this past week. We have been busy and having fun since we arrived! See my poo poo head (AKA Jesse Bear) on the left? I missed him so much!!! I missed that big 'ol nose and big 'ol head! He is so sweet! And gives sweet sugar woogurs. And he is so good with Westin! He lets Westin poke him with stuff and step on him :) He is such a sweet dog!

And below is a pic of Westin with a pair if my Mom's old sunglasses! I cannot believe he actually kept them on. And the fact that he looks like that makes it so much better. He would walk around with them on his face. He would try to put them on and he would put them around his neck lol. He is so silly. And that is why I will miss him when he goes to his Maw-maw's house this weekend. He is my entertainment lol

And in these 2 pics we have Westin playing the water puddles and the dogs new water bowl. Mom has 4 dogs, so she needs a big water bowl of the dogs. Well the last one she had Jacie kept dumping over. SO when she saw this on at Target she had to buy it! I was worried the dogs would look at that water bowl funny and not drink out of it. But they drink out of it and it is big enough for all of them to drink out of.

busy busy busy

I have been so busy this week! The weather has been nice, we have been outside playing in the pool! I have been shopping with mom. And at nights I have been helping my lil bro study for his Algebra 2 exam. I've got a little scrapping in too. It is so nice to be home and visiting my family.

I will have plenty of time to scrap and work on my blog this weekend b/c my MIL is taking Westin for the entire weekend. I am excited, but really kind of sad too. I will miss my little man! I am sure I will find things to do, but it just wont be the same without my lil crazy man running around. I never thought I would be ONE of those moms, but it is always the 2 of us. I am not use to him not being around. I don't have family around so I've never had that. Maybe if we lived around family and they took Westin for the weekend often it would be no big deal. I am so use to him being around. I will keep busy with scrapbooking and laying out by the pool. But I will miss my booger man!

There are tons of things I need to add to my blog. A few LO's and some pic. So I hope to get all that up this weekend so I can keep up with it all! So be prepared for that soon :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my travels

So we made it to BR! The drive was great! We even left earlier than I had planned which is usually the opposite of what happens. We made excellent timing and Westin was soooo good the whole time! We stopped once and ate and filled up the car! When we got here we got in the hot tub with everybody then went and ate at Jason's deli! It was so nice! I am so excited to be home! And I missed my poo poo head so much. I was so happy to see him! It is so nice to be home!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

for the love of ketchup

My son has just discovered the wonders of ketchup. It makes sense b/c he loves french fries and now we found out the other day onion rings too. And fries and ketchup were made for each other. And once he runs out of fries or in this case, onion ring, he dips his fingers in the ketchup and eats it that way. Here he is demonstrating this fine art!

Step 1: dip finger in ketchup
Step 2: take finger out of ketchup and bring it close to mouth
Step 3: put ketchup filled finger in mouth
Step 4: enjoy! You can see his love for ketchup all over his face!

So here is an update on the progress on packing. I folded and put all my clothes in my suitcase. Packed up my scrapbook stuff. And now, since Westin is up from his nap, it's time to pack Westin's suitcase! My lovely husband cleaned out the car and vacuumed it. It wasn't that bad. I don't junk up my car. But I used the big stroller once when it was muddy and had mud all over the wheels so it dried and there was dirt everywhere. Now once I am done, my husband will pack up the car and put Westin's portable DVD player in the back seat! And I will be ready to go in the morning! I hope it goes that smoothly!
This is my handsome little man after his haircut. This is is second time getting his haircut and I still get a little teary eyed. It makes him look so much older than he is. We did get it cut a little bit shorter than last time b/c it is summer time and his hair grows so fast!! But I love how she spiked his hair. He is def a lady killer now! You ladies better watch out. I can't believe how handsome he is and how fast he is growing!

So now I need to finished packing my scrap stuff, pack mine and Westin's suitcases and hubby is cleaning out the car for me! I am actually not way behind! I usually procrastinate till last min. I even got the house cleaned (pretty much). YaY!!! Now if only I could get someone to drive us tomorrow ! hahahaha

Friday, May 14, 2010

time: 9:43pm

So it is 9:43 pm and my crazy man is still up. He is acting crazy and silly. I can tell he is so tired but he refuses to sleep. So I got him out of his crib and giving him some snack b/c he seems hungry and hopefully he will go to bed soon! I hope he is not getting crazy again with teething right before we leave or that will be one hell of a trip. I hope he is just crazy tonight and everything will be back to normal tomorrow. Crossing my fingers.

I got pretty much everything done that I wanted to get done today. I washed and folder clothes, loaded and unloading the dishwasher, sweep and mopped the floors and started packing my scrapping stuff. I still need to figure out what paper to bring. I can't bring my entire stock of paper altho I wish I could :) I need to print out more pics so I can't even pick out paper to match my photos. I will prob just pick my fav :) That always seems to work! It's not like there isn't any scrapbook stores in BR. There is an awesome on like right by my mom's. And it just so happens to be right next to my fav mexican restaurant! Jack Pot, I know!

So tomorrow we have to get Westin's haircut, clean out the car and take the big stroller out, and pack mine and Westin's luggage! That will be easy to do. Just throw everything in. I mean we will be there for about 2 months. Easy! I am so excited, I just hope the ride goes smoothly. I am set with 2 Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs that play forever! That worked the last trip so I am hoping they wont fail on me this trip! Come on DJ Lance, don't fail me now ha ha. Yes, I know I am a goober :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I really want to reorganize my scrapbook stuff. My paper mostly. I can never find what paper I am looking for. I have them grouped my theme or manufacture, but they are a mess. I have limited space to store my stuff. I am using our dinning room as my scrap area and it isn't working for me. So when we move to Ft. Bliss I hope to have a better scrap area and I get a chance to reorganize like I want. I always say that when we move. "When we move I will get a chance to reorganize the house" and that never happens lol. I hope we can find a house in El Paso that has a little space/area where I can scrap so I can stop scrapping on my dinning table. I want to actually eat on it!! Such a pretty Ashley furniture dinning table and no one gets to see it under my scrap stuff! lol
I wanted to share the new Basic Grey line that is coming out that I love Oliver, they also have a girl line too!!!

the plan

So I have decided to leave this Sunday to go home and visit for the summer. It is a little earlier than I had planned, but Roy is working a lot and now on the weekends. So he suggested I leave early. I am really excited about leaving. I have so much to do before we leave. Today is payday so I need to go to Wal-mart to pick up a few things I will need. I need to do laundry, pack up scrapbook stuff (what? you thought I would go almost 2 months without scrapping? ha ha ha), clean up the house, get Westin's haircut and oh yea...PACK!! There are so many things I need to pack since we will be there for almost 2 months. Then when we get back we will be getting ready to move to Ft. Bliss. So this summer will be a little crazy! But I can't wait to relax by mom's pool! I can't wait to see my poo poo head AKA Jesse Bear, that is my dog. I dunno why I call him that. It just stuck. And Westin loves him!!! And he is the only dog at mom's house that likes Westin. Once Westin wakes up from his nap we are off to visit the wonderful people at Wal-mart

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

birthday giveaway

Check out this blog for a great giveaway!! Tons of stuff, Basic Grey PP and copic pens and stamps and tons more! Check it out!

16 months old

This is my little boy and today he turned 16 months old! Where did the time go? He is growing up so fast and I am so proud of him! He is growing into such a handsome big boy! I love seeing him grow and learn. That boy loves to dance. Any music he hears he stops to dance. Theme songs to TV shows, stops him in his tracks so he can dance. He really likes The Office's theme song. And anything he can drum on is his fav toy. Right now he usually has his Daddy's old toothbrush and his plastic spoon to drum/bang on everything. And he loves giving out kisses. Even to strangers at the store. With his mouth closed!! I didn't ever think he would kiss with his mouth closes. He is so sweet. You don't even have to ask. He gives them out for free. I love my sweet little boy.

Thanksgiving LO's

Here are some LO's I have been working on the past few days! This is from Thanksgiving last year. I had so many great photos from everyone in the hot tub that day. The weather was so nice and the background was full of greenery and blue water. So I decided to make a total of 4 LO's from that day. I used the same paper collection to tie them all together. I used The Girlie Paperie, On Holiday collection. I thought the colors went perfectly with the photos. Yes a very untraditional paper to use for Thanksgiving LO's, but chilling in a hot tub on Thanksgiving is pretty untraditional too :)

I wanted to link the youtube video that shows you how to make the cute flower in my LO.

Thanks for looking

starting over

I dunno what happened to my other blog. It is still up, but i cannot sign into it. Lucky I only have been working in that blog for a few days. But still, it sucks. I had to change the e-mail address and so I hope I don't mess this one up too. Because I don't even know how I messed the other one up. That is the scary part. If I knew what I did I can just not dot hat again lol. Thanks everyone for being patient with me :) Ya'll are the best!