Sunday, December 11, 2011

so I made this list about a year ago of things I want to do. Some things were long term some were short term. But the reason for the list was to do things I wanted to do. To figure out what I wanted and do things for myself! A year ago was a crazy time and had a huge change and trying to figure everything out was not easy. So I made this list to start figuring out what I want to do. So where am I now on my list. Let's find out. 1. get my hair cut - The reason this was on my list b/c a haircut at a salon can be expensive, so this doesn't happen very often. And I have gotten my haircut a few times at a salon! And it was awesome. 2. get a job - check. It wasn't easy and it wasn't my first choice. But it has worked out and I really enjoyed it. 3. buy a house - this will have to wait a while, but def staying on the list. I am doing this one day 4. clean out my car! inside and out! - check. It prob needs to be done again with all the leaves falling. 5. get a pedi - I did get a pedi once. Why only once? Well once I got a job and had the money I never had the time. So the one time Roy come to town and took Westin for 8 days I took advantage and got my pedi! 6. go to the beach - I really wanted to take a little weekend trip to the beach last summer, but it never happened, but this also is staying on the list. I am hoping to go next summer 7. take Westin to his first movie in a theater! - we went and saw Cars 2 and he did really well! I was surprised 8. learn how to play the guitar - I thought this wasn't going to get done and I have really wanted to learn for a while. But oddly the other day I did get a mini guitar lesson. I don't know if I will receive any more, but at least I can say I have actually tried. 9. go to a Saints game - I wen to a Saints game with Jimmie Lynn and we had a freaking blast!!! I will def be making a new list for next year soon!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

decision had to be made

Divorce is hard. No matter who's decision it was. In my case it was my decision, but that doesn't make it any easier for me. It doesn't mean that I can just pick up my life and move on from that day forward. There were things that happened that lead to my decision and some of those you can't just get over or move on over night. I am still trying to deal with some things. I still have anger, and resentment and wish badly upon my ex (not really, but kind of lol), but I'm not completely blaming him. These are MY issues that I need to get over and I'm not quiet sure how to do that. Are their steps I need to take? Vengeance I need to taken? Should I take the high school heart break route and burn all photos and clothes that I have of his? I guess it will just take time. And maybe deleting him off my facebook so I don't have to see how much he loves his girlfriend might help. His happiness or lack there of, shouldn't effect my mood or life, but in a way it does and I don't want it to anymore. I need to focus on me and my life and what makes me happy. And not have all those distractions. I am ready to move on and see what single/ single mom life has to offer. So far there have been many up's and down's, but Westin (my son) and I have been having a blast and he always makes my day no matter how crazy he can be on any given day. I just wished, for Westin's sake, that things could of turned out differently. But at some point I had to make a decision of do I want to cont to be so unhappy and miserable or do I want to change what makes me/ my life so unhappy and be happy again and enjoy life again. And that decision has been made.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

28 things about me

1. I have a crazy 2 year old. 2. I would love to go on a cruise one day 3. I love the beach 4. I love Margaritas (froze with salt) 5. The only thing I would change about myself (apperence) would be my teeth 6. I love having blue eyes 7. I would like to one day finish my degree (Math edu) 8. I love girl time with Cindy and Cheri 9. I love to scrapbook 10. My fav scrapbook co is Echo Park
11. I am recently going through a rough time (divorse and finding a job) 12. I lovr Happy's Irish Pub 13. I love Happy Hooligans from Happy's 14. I love feeling pretty 15. I love sugar woogers from my Jesse Bear 16. I sleep with my 90 lb lab but make Westin sleep in his bed :) 17. I would love to have another child one day (hopefully a girl) 18. I love Nicki Minaji and Drake 19. fav songs right now are "I'm Blazin" by Nicki Minaji and Kanye West and "Always fall for your type" by Jamie Foxx and Drake 20. I love pasta 21. I love seafood (boiled crabs and crawfish) 22. I love going to the movies 23. My fave movies are Pulp Fiction and The Notebook 24. I love Nick Sparks books 25. I love being a southern La girl! 26. I am VERY stubborn 27. I am very passinate ei emotional lol 28. I love my crazy booga man!

Friday, April 15, 2011

can't buy happiness

Last year was one of my worst years. I am determined to make this year better, but as of now it doesn't seem like it is. Looking for a job is much harder than I thought. Silly me thought all I had to do was look in the wanted ads in the newspaper and send in your resume to the jobs you want to apply for. Well that is what I have been doing and have got little to no calls or interviews! Man! I don't know what I am suppose to do. So 4 months later with no luck. Even tried going to a staffing agency and still got nothing, I am getting pretty desperate. Lowing my standards to waitressing jobs and then my step dad suggest I try Sonic. I worked at Sonic as a skating carhop for many years. Through out high school and most of college. I never wanted to go back there. NEVER! It wasn't that it was a bad job. And at times, I would make good money, but I just felt like I outgrew the job. It was a very nice job to have in high school and through college, but I was really hoping to move forward to something better. But that doesn't look like that is going to happen. If I get a job at Sonic, I know I don't have to stay there forever, but I have my doubts anything will come up since in the last 4 months I haven't found anything. So that scares me that I will be at Sonic longer than I wanted to. Hell, I never thought I would go back. But I am really feeling the pressure to get a job NOW! I can't keep waiting and let another month go by! I just can't. I am tired of never having any money to do anything with my friends or take Westin anywhere, movies, lunch, whatever. Instead I just sit at home and do nothing. I am tired of it. I want to be self sufficient and buy some scrapbook stuff if I want, go to the movies if I want, buy Westin some new clothes and just not have to worry about money! So I had an interview at Sonic today and my stomach turned when he said I would start at $7.50 an hour and not get to carhop for a week or 2 so I can retrain inside. My first thought was, is this a mistake? and my next thought was, wow my lil bro gets paid more than that pushing buggies at Target. I am hoping all this is worth it and I am not making a huge mistake. Only time will tell!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bo bo

I did this for sketchy thursday blog. And I used my alphabet soup collection that I got from scrapstatic blog that I love!

Monday, January 31, 2011

play in the rain

This is a LO about my baby playing in the rain! He is so cute! I used the 100th sketch over at TheScrappiest blog! They had a sketch for everyday last week to celebrate! How exciting! I also used my awesome My Minds eye alphabet soup boy kit from scrapstatic that I got for only $10!! What a steal! I love it! Thanks for looking

sun glasses

I just realized there is huge glare at the bottom of the photo. Sorry about that! I hate when that happens! Sometimes I wish I had a scanner. So anyways, I used this sketch from Creative Scrapper! When I saw the squares I really wanted to add some fabric squares, but I didn't know how hard it would be to stitch them so I only stitched one lol. But it still came out cute! And I love my Sweet Summertime paper from Echo Parks! They are awesome and this collection goes with all my spring/summer LO's and more! Thanks for looking

Thursday, January 20, 2011

new and improved!

So while I am at my mom's house I scrap on this tiny round table! It is so small. I barely have room to even scrap on and most of my scrapbook stuff is on the floor. And now I have to worry about Westin attacking my stuff. So Doug was home and cleaning out the storage room and I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could use the big fold out table that they use at the Christmas party for my scrap table?" Well I have asked her before and she said no. She said it would take up too much space. So I went in the storage room and measured the table then came inside and measured where the table would go and showed my mom it wouldn't take up that much more space AND my stuff would look much nicer and up off the floor. So she finally agreed to it so I cleaned up the table and got Doug to bring it in for me! Then Doug found a few storage boxes they were not using and they were perfect for my scrapbook stuff. The large red bin I used to put my paper in and the smaller red container I put my photos in! So now I have an awesome scrapbook area and have been scrapping up a storm!! I love it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year's eve

Well I'm not sure what all I have to say about New Year's eve night. I ended up getting too drunk and went home early, but I did get these great photos! We started off the night at Schlitz and giggles for pizza. Cindy and I were not hungry so we left and went to Happy's. Well the booths in the back that we love were blocked off so Cindy and I took a shot of patron and left. We walked a couple doors down to Boudreaux's and Tibadoux's. They had a band playing and no one was at the balcony so we got a drink and sat on the balcony and waited for the rest of our friends. The rest gets fuzzy. I remember some conversations, and laughs and some pics we took, but not much after that! I am so mad at myself for getting so drunk. The point was to have a great time with friends not get too wasted and go home early. It really sucked and I felt like shit the next day! Like the whole entire day. So this year I am making sure I do not get THAT drunk again! It is all about having fun and hanging out with friends, not getting shit faced. I actually haven't drank since then and I went and played pool last weekend! WHoo hoo go me! I can have fun sober! :)

sweet summertime!

The first LO I used a sketch from Sketchy thursday blog. I loved the pics of Westin with his hands up in the air for "uh-oh" I really love the calendars from jenni bowlin! I really love how this turned out!
The other LO I used we r memory keepers sun die cut! It is so cute! And I thought sweet summertime would go prefect with my summer photos! I even named my LO sweet summertime! I just love that collection!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

doing some catching up on some photos

Westin played with these plastic cups when we were at Roy's grandpa's house on Christmas Day, so since he was having so much fun with them Billie sent them home with us and Westin has been playing with them ever since! He stacks them, then knocks them down. He can play with them for hours! He loves those plastic cups! Go figure lol.

I noticed it was quiet, too quiet, so I went to go check it out and I see Westin on Uncle Cooper's (BAAAHH) lap watching Yo Gabba Gabba on youtube! It was so cute. For one that Cooper gave up his computer for Westin and then for him to put on his fave show! It was so cute Westin was just sitting on Cooper's lap with the headphones over his ears and watching yo gabba gabba on you tube! It was too cute!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lady Killa

I really loved this sketch from Sketchy Thursday blog. I could not wait to use it. Then my photos came in that I ordered and had to scrap this photo! I just love this photo of Westin. He is such so handsome. He will be a lady killer one day! I bought these Pink Paisley pp from my LSS that is going out of business and I thought they were so cute. I loved the stitching on the sketch so I did it on my LO. Added a journaling stamp and Jenni Bowlin calendar and some cute flowers. Thanks for looking

10 things that make me happy

Miracle Momma is having this journaling thing going on at her blog. This week is to list 10 things that make you happy. And I have been thinking about what my 10 things are all day today. So here they are
1. The most important thing that makes me happy is Westin! Everyday I am thankful for him and he makes me happy
2. nap time makes me happy. Not only nap time, but the fact that there is no more fighting over nap time is awesome
3. scrapbook makes me happy. And I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately which makes me even more happy!
4. Finally losing the last few pounds I have been struggling with makes me happy. It is nice not to have to worry about if my pants are going to fit today or am I going to cry when I cannot button them.
5. Being with my family makes me happy. I just kind of moved back home and it is nice to be close to my family again b/c I was away from them for a while.
6. warm weather makes me happy. Even tho it has not been warm lately! Actually it has been the complete opposite.
7. Westin eating a little better makes me happy. He actually ate pizza crust and he use to love pizza crust but then about 6+ months ago he decided he didn't want to eat half the stuff he likes and pizza crust was one of them. He drenched it in parm cheese, but he ate it lol
8. Eating at my fave mexican restaurant Las Palmas makes me happy. We have moved around to a couple different times and I have never found a mexican place as good as that one. And we got an order to go from there last night too :) I LOVE their cheese dip!
9. My dog Jesse Bear AKA Poop Poop head makes me happy. I had to leave him at mom's house for over a year while we were moving around b/c of the military and now that I am back at mom's it is like I have him back! He even sleeps with me at night! (he is 90 lb black lab mix)
10. Being back in Louisiana makes me happy! Knowing I will be here and will not miss crawfish season and crab season makes me happy! Other people may not understand what that means, but I keep missing crawfish and crab season's and you can only get them when they are in season! Crabs are the best and I hope to eat a ton of crabs this summer!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I now have a 2 year old!

I cannot believe today is my babies 2nd birthday! What happened? I can remember those every 3 hour feeds b/c of his heart. I remember being scared shitless bringing him home and even more scared finding out about his heart and going back in the hospital and staying at the Ronald Mc Donald house b/c the hospital was over 2 hours away. I remember Westin freaking out at our first cardio appt in SA and the ambulance drive to the hospital and the stay in the hospital monitoring him. Then I remember seeing him go though those double door to have open heart surgery at 5 months old and that was by far the hardest thing I have and prob will ever do in my life! And seeing him now and knowing what all he went though makes me so happy to see him so happy an non affected! It has been a long hard road, but it is all behind us and now it is as if nothing ever happened until you see the scar on his chest (which will come in handy with the ladies when he gets older) He makes all this so much easier b/c he is happy and healthy and perfect! I couldn't ask for anything more!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sitin on the deck

I bought this cute Bella Blvd paper at my LSS about a week ago and could not wait to use it! I just loved the clouds and when I saw this sketch from the scrappiest I knew it was perfect for the pp. The white cloud I popped up with pop dots. Thanks for looking