Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's go go

I saw this sketch from Mojo Monday and just so happened that I bought this scalloped circle at my LSS a few days ago so I had to try out the circle sketch! And I used the Cosmo Cricket Joy Ride collection that I LOVE!

I officially have a climber

I remember when we went to Westin's 12 month check up and there was a little boy there that was 18 months old. His mom told me how he is a climber. She said he climbs on everything! Once she found him on the kitchen counter. I thought to myself, oh no I am not looking forward to that! My mom said I was a climber and I would climb on everything. So I was not looking forward to the climbing stage. Well I believe we officially hit the climbing stage. He has been climbing on stuff for a while. But I felt like I could control it. He would climb on the couch and that was no big deal. But now he is braver when he climbs on the couch and jumps around and has fell off twice already in the past week(once on his head!) And now he climbs on the kitchen chairs and sits at the table like he is eating there lol. I am worried he will fall off b/c the chairs don't have arms. And there have been a few times where he has tried to climb on the kitchen table! He also climbs on the dest chairs and tries to grab everything off mom's desk! He comes back with all kinds of stuff. He also climbs on his little house. And it is made for that which is awesome! It has holes on the side for him to put his feet in and climb up the side. He has been climbing up the slide for a while now! Yep so I officially now have a climber! Oh let the fun begin! lol
*it would make a cute sb pg if i could get a pic of him climbing. I am sure i have pics of him climbing his little house. that would make a cute sb pg! And journaling already done!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Carol came over to watch the Bachlorette last night so Mom decided to make martini's. She really wanted to make Pom martini's from Bonefish grill which are her fav. So I looked online for the recipe. Well the recipe calls for Pom mango juice. Well we could not find the Pom Mango juice. So we bought Mango juice to put in our Pom mix and mom did not like that too much. So she decided to make her own concoction, being a bartender back in the day and all. And they were really good too. So that is where Pattitini's came from! We got our own colored glasses and mom froze grapes too. And it was a good Bachlorette too!
This is Westin's new thing. Fingers always in the nose! I think he might touch his brain the rate he is going. lol We were at Wal-mart yesterday and there was this lady with 3 girls and I told him he cannot flirt with girls with fingers up his nose lol. He couldn't even wave at them b/c he had both fingers up his nose! And he usually waves at everyone. But now I guess fingers up the nose is more important. I guess he is excited about discovering his nostrils. He does know where his nose is lol
And this is my sad poo poo head. I saw him laying on the kitchen floor and I wanted to get a good pic of him. It is hard to get a good pic of him b/c he is black. My mom did not appreciate me laying in the middle of the kitchen floor trying to get pics of Jesse while she was in the middle of cooking supper! I got yelled at lol. I tried to tell her I was trying to get a good pic. She didn't care :( But lucky I did get a few good pics of him before I had to get off the floor.
Jesse Bear smiling!

Toga party

For some reason Westin wanted to put my tank top on. So I put it on him and it was just long enough for him! And then one arm came out so he looked like he was going to a toga party in my white tank and one arm out. He is so silly. And he kept it on for a while too lol.
The other day I found Westin in the window seal playing his guitar. I was trying to get a good pic of his by the window, but he didn't stay there very long once he discovered me taking pics of him. I thought the light from the window would make a cute pic. This is the best I got.
Westin was listening to Queen with Uncle Cooper. Westin likes to harass Cooper when he is at the computer. So Cooper put Queen on and let Westin listen. They were jamming out! And Westin fav song his Crazy little thing called love.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Westin's favs

I thought I would make a little cute list of Westin's favs to scrap later.
-Westin's fav meal of the day is breakfast
-his fav foods are hashbrowns/french fries and pretty much anything with rice
-fav toy is anything he can drum with or on, his guitar which his fav song it plays is "Crazy little thing called love" by Queen, and his Toy Story 3 car racer toy.
-fav drink is Borden's chocolate milk or just any kind of juice!
-he loves to dance
-fav show is Yo Gabba Gabba, but he'll watch anything with music
-he loves the Office's theme song!
-he never sits still
-he loves giving Jesse Bear sugars!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

swim date

Zoe came over a few weeks ago for a swim date! They had fun playing together. I bought this American Crafts paper Heat Wave a few months ago and I could not wait to use it. It is so perfect for pool LO's! The colors are perfect! They are summery not girlie. I found a lot of the Springy paper was kind of girly and even a lot of the Easter paper was too. I also used poolside Thickers! I made the wave out of felt! I drew out my wave and cut it out! I dunno why, but I got the urge to buy felt and make stuff out of them. So far I made the wave and a butterfly and a cupcake top. I think I am liking working with felt. It is cheap, but it took me a while to figure out how to glue it. Don't try glue stick or sb tape. I had to use red tape. I use that a lot on my ribbon and small buttons! It is really sticky!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I couldn't fit everything in one post so I had to make 2! We have been busy lately having fun! This is Westin with a clear clip in his hair! He liked when I put it in his hair! Shh don't tell daddy! It is so funny how he pose for me. But too bad he closed his eyes! lolThis one of Westin's famous fits he throws on the floor. I was trying to get everything ready for supper. Get his food fixed so it could be cooling down. Get his high chair ready, putting stuff on the table and he wanted me to pick him up. I told him no. Well he did not like that at all lol. But once he ate like a pound of spaghetti and had a bath he was all happy then! He was just cranky and hungry!
And here he is swimming in his pool! He had fun for a while in his pool then he tried to get out and went in the big pool! He is swimming so good in the big pool! He is so comfortable in the water now. And if his head goes under a little bit he doesn't freak out and drink a ton of water then gag. He just spits out the water and is fine! He will be swimming next summer!!
And this is me and mom with our matching bathing suits! This scrapbook page will be called "Hot Mamma's". I don't think many people can say they have the same bathing suit as their mom! my mom rocks!

what we have been up to

Westin swam in his pool and got mad when I would not help him out. He was trying to escape!
And my new toe nail polish! Pretty purple! It is a pretty lazy job b/c I did them myself!

And as we were laying out the storm started to come in!
And then Westin swam in the Big pool like a big boy! He even jumped off the step!

And this is our very first bell pepper. He (or she) looks like a Jalapeno, but hopefully he/she will be a yummy bell pepper soon!! I can't wait!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My booger man

My poor baby was pooped out on our trip to the mall. He even rode in one of those car strollers you rent at the mall. Mom got her some cute sandals and she bought Westin some cute outfits from Gymboree! They are so cute! I cannot wait for him to wear them. We originally sent out to get mom some sandals and buy some b-day presents for our b-day parties we are invited to this weekend. We didn't get a change to go to Target b/c it was nap time and he passed out in the car. We also rode the carousal horses at the mall. I was so proud of him for not getting scared and cry. He was a little nervous at first when it started. But he never cried and he started to like it towards the end! We will have to go back again and let him ride it.
And this is my little man playing on his little slide playhouse thing. He likes to climb up the slide and poke his head out the circles on the side. He is so cute.

Friday, June 18, 2010

almost a year

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since Westin had open heart surgery. If you saw him you would never had guessed he had surgery and I am so thankful for that. It was a rough couple of weeks after surgery. He couldn't roll over on his stomach, we couldn't pick him up under his arms, he wouldn't take his medicine (Motron), he stopped sleeping through the night, we couldn't submerge his incestion in the bath just pat it with a wash cloth. But at our last cardio appt in March, he said he may not even need to have surgery again when he is older. His heart is adjusting so well.
That week he was in the hospital was horrible. Roy and I took turns staying with him at night. One room he was in didn't even have a bed, but we had to stay with him so we had to sleep on this tiny couch. And for me to say it was tiny that is pretty bad. It was so sad just seeing him lay on the bed hooked up to everything, but his oxygen levels were 100 and that has never happened! I am so proud at everything he does! And I am so lucky to of had him! He is perfect!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is my son giving me a little attitude! He has been giving me attitude a lot lately. He wants to be held a lot and when I tell him no he throws these little fits. First he whines and pokes out his lip. Then he sits on the floor and kicks his feet. And if he is on carpet he throws his head back, but he knows if he is on hard floors so he does not throw himself back. I just let him work it out, but I feel bad b/c he is wanting to be held all the time so I hate to keep saying "NO". I don't know why he wants to be held a lot now. He has never been like that. He may be cutting more teeth b/c he hasn't been sleeping good for naps lately either. i dunno if that has anything to do with wanting to be held. I guess I will have to wait and see. This is so typical Westin. Walking with his arms swinging around! He is so cute. It is like he walks to the beat of his own drum! He has a certain walk or strut that only he can pull off and master. Westin was outside helping Nanny poop scoop. Someone has to do it! With 4 dogs, they accumulate a lot of poop!
Westin has just started rubbing his chest and saying "Mmmm" when you give me something. Jermey was giving him water and he started doing that. He is so silly. So I started singing "There's a party in your tummy, so yummy" from his fav show Yo Gabba Gabba! He is such a little man. I just love seeing what he is going to do next. Even with his little fits I really enjoy being around him. He has this attitude, personality about him that makes me laugh and love to watch him! He is something else.


this is the June Monthly sketch challenge week 3 sketch on The twist was to change the sketch, rotate it, flip it, add or remove photos, etc. I changed the photos sizes and took out the last row of photos.I had just a little bit of this PP left from The Girls Paperie, On Holiday collection. So I cut it into 2 stripes. Matted the photos on white CS, used the Tim Holtz ticket that I got from my LSS as the title and journaled with my white pen! I also made the felt (felt is pretty cheap by the way) butterfly a few days ago and thought it would look cute on here. I thought it needed something else so I made a cluster of fun at the bottom with flower, hearts, and buttons. I think it turned out cute and I didn't even use a lot of paper! Queen of scraps does it again (yes I had to do it)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sleeping baby

This is another installment of queen of scraps on a budget! I saw this sketch on sketchabilities blog and I immediately thought of my making memories journaling pad with the pink circle. I thought it would work perfectly. So I dig through my photos and find this one of my son sleeping and he looks so sweet and peaceful and that is what I want the feel of the LO to be. I had scraps from Girl's Paperie, On Holiday collection and the colors worked with the pink journaling circle. I also had this bingo card left, that I had not used yet. The pack came with like 5 different sayings and I had this one and the one that said "new" on it left. I cut out a couple of hearts from my cricut with the little bit of scraps I had left. And then cut out my "sleeping" from my cricut with a scrap blue CS that was 1 1/2 inch by 12, so I cut the letters 1 inch and cut out a few hearts with what was left on the blue CS!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

queen of scraps post 1

I got this paper stack for Christmas and I am still using it! It is SEI Addison collection. I love the colors. So I am using every little scrap from the pack. I actually used a sketch for this LO. And the sketch looked perfect for using up some scraps. So I got them all together and cut sizes I wanted. The orange scalloped circle was already punched out from when I was going to use it on something else. I just added my white uni-ball pen to it. Then I used the negative of a flower I cut out from my cricut. I also already had the circle cut out so I put a flower on there to jazz it up. And there ya go! I LO using mostly scraps! You can do it and have a fab LO!

This one I also used all scraps and did it for June Monthly sketch challenge on And the twist was actually to use scraps. I was like "perfect"! Same paper stack as previous LO. Most of the papers are scraps that I didn't even have to cut. I even had the grass cut out from my cricut that I was going to use on a card. I don't throw that stuff away. You can use it somewhere else. And BAM there ya go. It fits perfectly.


I think I should rename my blog to the budget scrapper! Me and my husband have decided to really tighten our belts with our budget! So that means less spending on sb supplies :( I don't have to have every new sb collection that comes out or all the newest magazines. So that means I have to get creative with my scrapbooking! Making my own embellies, using less pp on my LO's, etc. I will using my cricut expression to its fullest potential (which I should be doing anyway since it cost so much)! Only using 4x6 photos. That may mean not cropping them as much so I can trim down the photos to work on my LO's. USE SCRAPS!!!! Which I am already queen of. Maybe that should be my nick name: Queen of scraps lol. And when I post my LO's here I will point out my money savings tips! Like sandra lee semi homemade from Food Network :)


We kind of have a schedule, on good days.
8:00 am - wake up call
8:30-9:00 - breakfast. Oatmeal, muffins or peanut butter toast. usually all served with yogurt.
9:30-11:30 - play time! We color, watch tv, run around the house, etc
11:30 - lunch. leftovers, apple sauce, whatever he will eat
12:00-12:30 - put Westin down for nap. He will sleep any where between an hour to 3 hours.
When he wakes up sometimes he will have a snack. If the weather is nice we will swim.
6:00 - supper time! If he wont eat what we are eating I will heat up his rice and veggies
6:30-8:00 - play time again
8:00 - bath time!
8:30 - put on braces and time for bed

I just really wanted to get a schedule written down b/c it has changed so much and I never think to write it down so I can see how much it chances. And it is hard to write down a schedule when it is hard to get him on one! So now that he kind of has a schedule I thought I would write it down.

new Toy story toy

When me and mom were at Wal-mart yesterday we saw this Toy Story 3 toy. We usually do not buy him toys b/c he plays with wooden or plastic spoons, tooth brushes, hair brushes, plastic bowls and remotes. He will sometimes play with an actually toy you buy in the toy department, but that is rare. So when we saw this toy we debated on if we should buy it or not. If he will actually play with it. It even made noises when you pushed the button for them to race down. Well mom decided to try her luck and buy it. If he does play with an actually toy it is usually a car or something with wheels. He even makes car noises when he pushes them around. Well he loves the toy! He even figured out how to put both cars up top and push the button so they can race! I am so glad he actually likes a toy. And my mom was happy to see him play with it for a while b/c she feels like she got hers money worth already b/c she knows how he is with toys lol.

chocolate milk love

Nothing makes my son stand still than a cup of Borden's chocolate milk! He loves that stuff. He will stand in one spot and just turn his cup up and drink. He never stays still unless he is sleeping or eating, and even then it is hard. But once you hand him a sippy cup full of chocolate milk, it stops him in his tracks and he sucks it down! We all have our weakness and chocolate milk is his! My mom calls it his crack lol

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is my hot mess

This is my 28 inch circle table that I use to scrap on when I am at my mom's. This is how you can tell I have been scrapping! Look how messing my tiny scrap table is. I may not have the biggest space to work on, but I make do with what I do have! I love creating! I love when my table looks like this b/c it means I have been throwing something together and I love doing that. I love scrapbooking, no matter where I can scrap!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

new stuff

The sketch:
This is a LO I did for the June sketch challenge on The twist was to use scraps. Pretty much everything on here is scraps except the large paper. I even had the grass and pointy suns already printed out from another project I was going to use them on. And once again I added some dashes on the pointy sun!

This is a cute little simple card I made for the June card challenge using yellow, black, white and grey on
I saw this card in a magazine and had to scraplift it! It is in Scrapbook Etc June 2010 pg.61. It looks like a bandaid! So cute

And this I did for the old page map challenge week 2 or 3 I can't remember. I really liked the sketch, but it was hard to find photos for it. But in the end I made it work and love how it came out!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So my blog just got a facelift! I saw where there were new designs so I decided to check it out. I found I could do all kinds of things. I had no idea. So I picked this cute pattern for my background. I may play with it some more and see what else I can fiddle with.

Me and mom and both laying on the couch with something wrong with each of us. I have my swollen foot which I think is a spider bite. If the swelling does not go down by tmw I will go to Lake After hours. And mom's should had been bothering her. So she is next to me on the couch icing her back. And I have my leg propped up. We are pitiful! lol

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bee sting?

So this morning I woke up there was a little swelling on the bottom of my foot. It wasn't that bad so I went about my morning and ate breakfast and feed Westin. But the swelling seemed to get worse. I could feel the pressure every time I took a step. It didn't look like an ant bite or a mosquito bite. I couldn't see any type of bite marks or anything. Just redness and swelling. It got so bad I started hobbling around and not putting all my weight on it. The bite isn't that bad it is just where it is that is bad. I keep irritating it by walking. So I put some ice on it to help the swelling and hope it is better tomorrow. Roy thinks it might be a spider bite. I hope not. I hear horror stories about spider bites. And we do live in the dirty south. So I guess I will just wait to see how it is in the morning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

volleyball net is up

While Westin took his nap, I spent about 30 mins blowing up the volleyball net. Not manually lol, with the air pump. I would have prob passed out if I blew that thing up manual lol. Anyhow, so we tied the net to the sides of the pool and we were in business. Cooper and I played volleyball and it was a lot of fun. then Jermey came out and played with us. He was all serious and taking score. It was a lot of fun.
Mom took pics of us jumping in the pool. This is my fab pose!

Monday, June 7, 2010

such a ham!

So Westin finds my camera and gives it to me. I am wondering if he wants me to take a pic of him. So I turn it on and tell him to say "cheese" and he does and hams it up for the camera. I got a couple of cute pics of him. You would think he would love the camera as many pics I have taken of him since birth! lol Finally he knows to pose for mamma lol That's my boy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Girls night out!!!! (+ Josh and Gabe)

This photo pretty much sums up the entire night. We started our night off at Happy's Irish Pub. I had a couple Happy Hooligans and this yummy shot. Then we decided to walk around downtown and see what other places were jumping. Well a friend of ours works at a club a few blocks for where we were so we walked there and checked it out. Well it was some reunion thing that night and a lot of old people and horrible techno music. Old people are cool dont get me wrong, I can get down to some 80's throw backs, but this music was horrible. So we had 1 drink then left. Walked back to Happy's and hung out there. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of drinks! Every time I come to town we always have a girls nights and every time I enjoy it more and more. Just makes me want to move back even more.
So I also must explain why girls night turned into, girls night + Josh and Gabe. Of course there are us 3 girls. Well Josh (Cheri's husband) was our DD and then Gabe found out about our girls night and misunderstood and tried to make it guys night. Then he realized the guys were out numbered. So it stayed girls night and we just added Josh and Gabe being the nice girls we are :)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Westin has known how to clap for a while, but it has gotten out of control lately. He claps at everything and expects us to clap with him. And if we don't clap he gets in our face and claps until we clap with him. He is crazy. We clap when he slides down the slide, when he trows a toy to the dogs, when we pick him up, when he enters a room, when he pushes the high chair, when he trows his sippy cup, when he turns the tv off, sometimes I don't even know why we are clapping lol. He is a clapper and trying to convert us into clappers too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

super awesome father's day card

I am so proud of myself for being so crafty and creative. I never claim to be crafty. I am just a scrapbooker. I don't sew or make home deco projects for the house. And I just started getting into making cards. I saw a card like this and it made me think that I could make a card like that. I used my cricut expression Plantin schoolbook for the whole card. First I cut out a 2inch circle and cut it in half to make the pit. Then I played with the oval setting to see what would fit and I like the oval on Italic. It made the long skinny oval. Then I made the sun with the blast symbol on roly poly. And I had this stamp and I wanted it to fit in my blurb so I printed out different sizes and I liked the 2 inch size the best. And then I cut out some grass. Glued everything on, stamped my image and glued on a button on the sun. And lastly drew on some legs for the pit! I just love this card! Look at me all crafty now!
This card is sponsored by Cricut, "It can make anyone crafty, even me" :) I am so silly

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my addiction continues

I cannot get away from using my white uni-ball pen on my sb lo's. Every lo says to me, "I need a little white pen doodling" and I answer with grabbing my white uni-ball pen and start doodling. Either with small circles or dashes. I guess it is now my thing. Usually I hate when I do the same thing, but this could be a phase and there is nothing wrong with that. If I like it, then do it!
So here is a lo I did for the old page map challenge week 3 on Most of the paper I used came from my SEI Addison paper stack. I love this stack. I use it all the time! I love the greens and blues. And the title came from my Cosmo Cricket boyfriend collection.I thought it needed a little something so I made this lollipop flower. I like lollipop flowers b/c they are not girly. You can make them as just accents and be any gender! So thanks Jenn for the reminder of how cute they are.
And this lo is a continue of the other car seat lo. This one is of Westin napping in his new car seat on his first ride! I used the negitive of carseat from the first lo on this lo. Very cool recycling! I also used the Cosmo Cricket Joy ride line which I love! The green circle paper was also left over from the other lo. I just cut the stripes in half and used one on top and one on bottom of the photos. I wanted to add a little embellies so I cut out some stars with my cricut and I love them! I couldn't resist using my fav white pen on this lo either. I used it on the large brackets and on one of the stars! And I did this lo for June monthly sketch challenge week 1 on I loved the sketch and couldn't pass it up.

movie night with mom

This is what happens when you ask your brother to take a pic for you. He takes one pic, doesn't even look at it and handed me back the camera. This is why I usually take the pics and are never in them. I take like 50 photos from different angles and hope I get a few good ones. Okay so maybe I am a little OCD about my photos. I am a scrapper and it is hard to scrap horrible pics. So I ended up turning the pic into a B&W b/c the coloring was all orange. The lighting in Mom's living room isn't very good as it is. And I don't have many good pics of me and mom. And we were about to go to the movies to see Sex and the City 2 and I thought I could get a good pic. Maybe next time.
So since I got all dressed up I thought I would take a good pic of myself. Pretty :) I love that dress and I got yo wear my new shoes.

new shoes!

So me and mom decided to try to find Westin some flip flops that fit his fat feet. I haven't had any luck doing so. We go to Shoe Carnival and find some black nike flip flops that fit, but the back kept coming off. I wanted to look for me some cute little sandals I would wear with my dress and other nice outfits without being too dressy. I have been looking for a while and have had no luck. I found these beautiful pearl sandals! I was not wild about the style of the sandal and I did not like the other plan colors. But this one caught my eye. It was so pretty. Dressy without being too dressy or heals. They had a 6.5 and I thought it was a little small, but they didn't have a 7 for me to try on. There is another Shoe Carnival on the other side of town so I thought I could just try that store later. So the next day I go to the other store and they didn't have that shoe at all! I was heart broken. I already made outfits in my head around these shoes. I was devastated. I finally found a cute sandal and they didn't have my size. So I decided to go back to the other store and see how the 6.5 fit. If it was too small or did I just want to check how the size 7 fit. Once again the following day I head on over to the other Shoe Carnival and try on the size 6.5 and lo and behold it fit! I just wanted to see how the size 7 looked. So I snatched up those shoes and was a happy camper! And I got to wear them when me and mom went to see the Sex and the City movie with my dress!!!