Sunday, June 6, 2010

Girls night out!!!! (+ Josh and Gabe)

This photo pretty much sums up the entire night. We started our night off at Happy's Irish Pub. I had a couple Happy Hooligans and this yummy shot. Then we decided to walk around downtown and see what other places were jumping. Well a friend of ours works at a club a few blocks for where we were so we walked there and checked it out. Well it was some reunion thing that night and a lot of old people and horrible techno music. Old people are cool dont get me wrong, I can get down to some 80's throw backs, but this music was horrible. So we had 1 drink then left. Walked back to Happy's and hung out there. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of drinks! Every time I come to town we always have a girls nights and every time I enjoy it more and more. Just makes me want to move back even more.
So I also must explain why girls night turned into, girls night + Josh and Gabe. Of course there are us 3 girls. Well Josh (Cheri's husband) was our DD and then Gabe found out about our girls night and misunderstood and tried to make it guys night. Then he realized the guys were out numbered. So it stayed girls night and we just added Josh and Gabe being the nice girls we are :)

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