Sunday, December 11, 2011

so I made this list about a year ago of things I want to do. Some things were long term some were short term. But the reason for the list was to do things I wanted to do. To figure out what I wanted and do things for myself! A year ago was a crazy time and had a huge change and trying to figure everything out was not easy. So I made this list to start figuring out what I want to do. So where am I now on my list. Let's find out. 1. get my hair cut - The reason this was on my list b/c a haircut at a salon can be expensive, so this doesn't happen very often. And I have gotten my haircut a few times at a salon! And it was awesome. 2. get a job - check. It wasn't easy and it wasn't my first choice. But it has worked out and I really enjoyed it. 3. buy a house - this will have to wait a while, but def staying on the list. I am doing this one day 4. clean out my car! inside and out! - check. It prob needs to be done again with all the leaves falling. 5. get a pedi - I did get a pedi once. Why only once? Well once I got a job and had the money I never had the time. So the one time Roy come to town and took Westin for 8 days I took advantage and got my pedi! 6. go to the beach - I really wanted to take a little weekend trip to the beach last summer, but it never happened, but this also is staying on the list. I am hoping to go next summer 7. take Westin to his first movie in a theater! - we went and saw Cars 2 and he did really well! I was surprised 8. learn how to play the guitar - I thought this wasn't going to get done and I have really wanted to learn for a while. But oddly the other day I did get a mini guitar lesson. I don't know if I will receive any more, but at least I can say I have actually tried. 9. go to a Saints game - I wen to a Saints game with Jimmie Lynn and we had a freaking blast!!! I will def be making a new list for next year soon!