Sunday, October 31, 2010

new hat?

This is Westin's easter basket on his head. I did not do this! lol This was all him! He is so silly!

Westin being silly! I was trying to get a pic of him with the basket on his head

I cannot believe Westin put my skates on and was able to hold his balance on them! He loves my skates! I cannot wait till he is old enough to go skating!

blue lips

We went to Bahama Bucks for shaved ice and I got the new booberry flavor. I knew it was a mistake b/c it was blue but it was soo good! We had blue lips the rest of the day lol

silly boy with his blue lips!

Tara got the new candy corn flavor and Westin liked that flavor too. He would go from my cup to Tara's cup eating our shaved ice. He just helped himself lol Mucher lol

Pretty booberry shaved ice with cream :) My fav is still strawberry margarita, but this flavor was pretty good too!!

carving pumpkins!

We carved our pumpkins that we picked from the pumpkin patch! I printed out some templets and I picked the one that looked like a girl with her eyelashes lol. Westin colored on his pumpkin with markers.

This is our pumpkin family! Roy drew on a face on Westin's pumpkin lol

We didn't have any pumpkin carving tools so we had to do it old school. I thought I had some from last year, but I could not find them! Oh well it worked out!

Thanks to Tara for coming over and taking pics for me so I could carve my pumpkin and get lots of great pics! After we carved pumpkins we watched scared Shrekless and Westin loves Shrek so he loved Scared Shrekless! And since it was a Thur Grey's came on so we watched that too!

Baker's Halloween party

Me and Tara were running the roads Friday to get everything we needed for the party. Our first stop was Alberson's to look for jello for our jello shots. Wal-mart didn't have a large selection so I thought we should try Alberson's. Then we went to wal-mart to pick up a few things we needed for the party and for the weekend. We found some frozen alcoholic drinks for $2 so I got the pom margarita, peach daiquiri and strawberry daiquiri flavor. Then we headed to the party store to pick up some decorations and few final things for our costumes. Roy still needed a costume and I found a shirt with muscles in it and got it for him. The line was pretty long so I didn't want to go back there. But we couldn't find jello shot container. They were out of the ones we wanted. So when we checked out Tara asked the guy if he knew where we could get some. He said Hobby Lobby. And me and Tara felt so dumb. Why didn't we think of that. So we headed to hobby lobby in hopes to find some jello shot containers. Well we found some better containers for the jello shots. And while we were there I bought a scrapbook magazine :) Last stop was liqure store to get the liqure for the jello shots! So once we got home I put Westin down for a nap and started making jello shots so they could freeze in time for the party. Then I made my hotdog wrapped in crescents and started to get ready for the party. Roy gets home from work and I show him the muscle shirt I got him at the party store. He has a great idea to go as our friend. In the above photo that is Roy dressed as our friend who is next to him dressed up as a woman. Everyone loved his costume!

This is me and our friend taking a shot of tequila! My costume is an 70's skater girl. I had knee socks and skates on, but I didn't get pic from head to toe. I had my afro puff wig on! I love that wig.

me and my booga man!

me and Tara! She was a groupie and her husband was Bret Micheals.

jello shots!! We had a lot of fun. A lot of guys from Justin's unit showed up that we didn't expect. We played a little guitar hero. We had our all girl band, me, Tara and Alexia and we kicked ass! Me and Alexia on guitars and Tara sang. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

looking back

So my honeys said something to me that reminded me of when Westin was born! After you have a baby and your stuff is all messed up all you want to do is go home with your baby and rest. But Westin was admitted to the hospital only a few days after he got to come home. It was so sad b/c I just wanted to be home with my baby! I was still sore so Roy was wheeling me around the hospital so we could see my baby. We had no idea what was going on. My mom came in town, but I wanted her to stay with my dog. The hospital Westin was at was over 2 hours away from our house so I needed someone to take care of my dog. He was prob freaking out wondering what happened to us. It was such a hard time for us. We stayed at the Rondal McDondal house at night and stayed at the hospital with Westin during the day. I will never forget that Sunday (day 3 of being in the hospital) when I got to give him a bath! And then I got to hold him again! His jaundice got real bad once he was admitted so he was covered in light so we could not hold him! But luckily for us the next day he got to go to a room where we could sleep with him and take car of him! They wanted to monitor his weight gain before they let him go home. His oxygen levels were actually well enough to go home so once he started eating more and gaining weight he could go home. So he was put on a high cal formula and they finally let us go home Wed (day 5). If you know my son now you never would know that he went though anything! He had heart surgery when he was 5 months old and he is almost 2 and he is just perfect! I cannot believe he is almost 2! I remember his first week or so, so vividly! I will never forget what we went through and appreciate every moment we have together! I just love him so much and get a little emotional when I think about my little booga man! He is my everything and my best friend! We spend a lot of time together! I dunno what I would do without him! My life would be boring, uneventful, and meaningless without him! I just thought I would share my thought and emotions with everyone!


Megan over at cropchocolateblog tagged me in her blog. So now I have to answer her 8 questions.
Here are the questions:
1. Do you use a paper planner (like FranklinCovey), paper calendar (like a desk or wall calendar), digital planner (like a cell phone, palm pilot, smart phone), digi calendar (like Google Calendar, iCal), or nothing to plan your day & track appointments? I try to keep a planner, but it usually doesn't work. I do have a dry eraser calendar on my fridge and I try to keep a meal plan.

2. What was the name of the last school you attended? (can be high school, college, university, med school, etc.) I attended Barton Community college on Ft. Riley, Ks and received my associates degree.

3. Do you like the TV show BONES (new episodes air on FOX, older on TNT)? I have never seen that show

4. You see a 55 yr old woman and a 24 year old young lady walk into a restaurant--what is their relationship? Mother, daughter

5. What languages do you know (speak, read, or write)? only English

6. Do you recycle faithfully? not like I should

7. If I said the word "Ugaritic" what would you tell me it means? I have no clue!

8. Where do you spend the most money on a regular basis for scrappy supplies? Hobby Lobby. It is right down the street!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my sweet baby boy

I just love this pic! We were about to watch the LSU game and I was in the kitchen getting food ready and Roy was outside BBQing so I kept Westin occupied by putting on his show. I go check on him and I see him laying on his pillow watching TV! And he is so cute in his LSU jersey! This pic I see a big boy watching TV. Being good, sweet, into his show and independent. I love seeing my big boy grow!

tent is up

So my living room has been taken over by Westin's tent and tunnel. Westin got this tent for Christmas and we never had room to put it up since then. Then I few days ago I reminded Roy about the tent and he said he forgot all about it and he put it up. We still don't really have room for it, but we have a little room to walk around lol. I think he likes the tunnel the best. He moves it around where it isn't even connected to the tent and crawls through it.

Roy got in the tent with Westin. They are so silly!

Westin going through the tunnel WITH his truck!

The tent all put together tunnel and all! So you can't really get into the garage and can barely open the front door, but it is worth it to have my baby's tent up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anything Goes weekly photo challenge

So this week's photo challenge are: red - Westin played with this musice thing at the park

leaves: it is hard to find beautiful trees with leaves here, but they had beautiful greenery at the park!

brown: Westin's football

orange: this is Westin tiger pillow pet. He loves this thing!

And yellow! This is Westin's tunnel from his tent. We put up his tent today and he a lot of fun playing with it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New park

So we decided to go to a new park. I like the park by our house, but I wanted to see if I could find a better one. So I got online and searched for parks. I found this one not too far away and it looked pretty big. So Friday morning Tara and I took Westin to this park. He got all excited when we pulled up and saw the playground. He started running around and climbing and exploring. He has so much fun. But then he heard the tractor mowing the grass and got excited and kept saying, "truck! Truck!" It is so cute how he gets all excited seeing a tractor lol. He is so silly. It was also one of the first days that is actually felt like Fall. We even had to wear jackets. It has been so hot here! Even when the temp gets to 83 I swear it feels 90! It has been nicer in the afternoons when out backyard is shaded, but it was nice to finally have a nice cool down! The above pic is Westin playing with musical tubes. They sound like chimes. I showed Westin how they make noise, and he would grab them and shake them lol. He loves music

My big man is getting so big and independent. It makes me proud and sad at the same time! I am so proud at what an independent little boy he has grown into. But it makes me sad to see him growing up!

Weeeeee! He went down the slide all by himself! He is really coming out of his shell when we go to the park and doing everything by himself. He never needs me to help him slide down the slide or help getting off the slide. *tear

He looks so big here! He had so much fun playing at the park!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

day in my life: weekend

Saturday The Bake's were having a BBQ/ sencey party at their house. Well Justin got called into work b/c they got the dates wrong and he was suppose to have CQ Sat. What kind of shit is that? How can you just call someone in? Shouldn't you have some sort of schedule printed out for everyone to have a hard copy so everyone knows when they have CQ. That would be too fucking easy. The army really pisses me off. Shit could be so freaking easy, but why do it the easy way? So Justin had this BBQ planned and now he has to bail out. So Tara calls me and asks if I can take her to pick up George (her cat) from the vet b/c Justin took the car. I said yea no prob. She also wanted Roy to help her BBQ. She doesn't know how and they were only doing hambugers and hot dogs so that is easy. So I get ready and go over there to help out. Roy is coming by after Westin wake up from his nap. Well Westin took a long nap and they didn't come by till later. So I decided to try my hand at the pit. She bought the coal in the bag that you can light and i said how hard is that? Then Greg came by with Patron which he promised! Had some shots of that! A few jello shots! Roy came to help on the grill, but he left after the food was done b/c Westin was being bad. We hung out and danced in Tara's living room. Luckily for us Tara videoed us lol We had a fun night!

So today we went to the zoo, I have been waiting to go to the zoo so today I fianlly said lets go. Westin has been really responding to animals and make certain noises for certain animals. It is so cute. So I thought it was time to go see real animals. The zoo had a new African exhibit which was awesome. The animals could not hid. They made it where you could see them from certain angles so you could get a good look at them. It was pretty awesome. The lions were one of my favs. She came right up to the glass and I got this gorgeous pic! I was so excited when I saw her come walking towards us. I was hoping she would come close enough to get a good pic and she sure did! The sea lions we pretty awesome too! They were so showing off and swimming around so we could see them. They kept swimming up to the glass. Westin got a kick out of that. Westin also liked the elephants. He likes she big animals so he can see them lol. They also had this tortoise that was slowly getting out of the water and I took tons of pics of him. It was amazing to see such a huge tortoise that close and actually move! Everyt ime I see them at the zoo they never move lol I was really happy with this zoo! Bu I cannot wait to go home and go to the BR zoo and/or NO zoo! What a great day with fam!

AGC weekly photos

green: I thought this was a cool looking tree. It was GREEN!

candy: Roy went to the store last night and got me some candy. My fave

ribbon: this is my ribbon container

pink: my pink ATG on my pink mat

heart: my ceramic red heart candy bowl!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A day in my life: Day 5

TGIF! I have been waitin on Friday! Roy works late all week so I look forward to Fridays! But this Friday was different. He had a man date so it was me and Westin all day+night. Tara and I went to Target in the morning to pick up a few things that we forgot or didn't have at wal-mart. Well I found the perfect pair of shoes. I have been eyeing these shoes for a while, but they never had my size in the brown. I tried on the black ones in my size and fell in love. They are so comfy. I have trouble finding shoes b/c my feet are short, but fat, wide, thick. I have been looking for some brown flats to wear with my fall outfits whenever the weather decides to match the season. And these shoes are prefect. They have a small wedge, but you can't even tell b/c they are so comfy. I debated getting them b/c I know we don't have any extra money. Plus I am trying to go home in the begining of next month so I need money for gas. So I walked around the shoe section of Target for like 20 mins with the shoes on to make sure they are really comfy. They are so worth it! I splurged $20 on those shoes. I cannot wait to wear them! They are awesome. We got home and I feed Westin some lunch, then put him down for a nap. I made me some lunch and reheated some of the leftover lasagna from last night and watched my soap. I missed the last 2 days and I watched them on DVR. So I decided to scrapbook. Not long after that I hear Westin. He has only been sleeping for an hour. He should not be up yet. So I wait a while and see if he gets really crazy. I go in and turn his movie on and leave him in his bed. I went back in my scraproom and hear him from time to time. I took him out a little while later. Roy comes home and gets ready for his man date to see jackass the movie in 3D. He is only home for a few mins then he is gone again. So I am chillin on the couch, bored. So I decide to clean the kitchen and mop the floors, which I have been meaning to do for over a week now and haven't felt like it. I loaded the DW, cleaned off the counter tops, cleaned the living room and put all of Westin toys in his room, then I vacuumed the floors, Westin's room and the rug, then I mopped the kitchen and hallway. I was pooped out after that. I feed Westin some spaghetti which was dumb to do right after I mopped, but whatever. He enjoyed it. So I gave him a bath after he was done eating. Let him play in the tub for a while then got him out and PJ's on. Then I made my pasta salad for tmw for Tara's BBQ. By the time I was done it was almost 9:00 and Westin's bedtime. So I put him to bed and scrapped.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A day in my life: Day 4

I forgot to post this last night for my day 4 day in my life. Yesterday was a pay day and pay days are always crazy. Pay days are always grocery shopping day. And I actually woke up really late that day too. I woke up at 9:30am and when I realized what time it was I jumped out of bed! Tara and I had plans to go to wal-mart about 10:00. So I get Westin out his bed and then I started getting ready! Fed Westin then put clothes on him. So we head to wal-mart. We are both pretty hungry b/c neither one of us ate breakfast so we ate lunch at the Mc. D's in wal-mart. I had a monopoly piece for a free medium french fry and I got a drink. And on my drink I won another free french fry! So me and Westin shared 2 medium french fries. I know what a great lunch lol. So we finished up our grocery shopping and headed home! I put Westin down for his nap and put all the groceries away. I scrapbooked a little bit, but I couldn't stop thinking about these cookies I found on a food blog and really wanted to try them. So I gave in and decided to make them. They were soft, big, brown sugar cookies with icing and they were good! While I was making cookies I had to get started on the lasagna that I was going to make. So I am baking cookies and trying to get my lasagna together. Then Westin wakes up. He has been usually sleeping a little longer than he did. And it showed when he got up b/c he was a little cranky. But I was still in the middle of my cookies and lasagna. SO I tried to figure out what was wrong with Westin and take my cookies out of the oven and layer my lasagna. So I open the back door for him so he could go outside and I got to finish my cookies and put the lasagna in the oven to cook! Roy gets home from work and passes out on the couch before supper is ready. Justin and Tara come over for supper and to watch Grey's! I put Westin down and watched my shows.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We BBQed some chicken Monday and Westin played with his sidewalk chalk AKA tried to eat it.
I love the silly faces he makes, esp when he talks to me. It is so funny.

He is just so stinkin cute! Roy made some really good chicken on the grill! I am glad he is getting good on the grill! I love BBQ food! I want to try some ribs again on the grill! It was a nice day out and it was nice to spend it outside with tha fam!
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A day in my life: Day 3

Well I didn't get much sleep last night b/c I did not go to bed till 2:00am. I just wasn't tired. That nap must of messed me up. We got up about 8:30 and I made banana nut muffins, I woke up hungry. I loaded the dishwasher, I hate when I don't load it the night before, and turned it on. And somehow when I did laundry Sunday Westin's clothes got missed. So I gathered up all of the clothes to throw in the wash. I also had to wash Roy's blanket. I had a little situation with a roach flying out of my shirt and landed on his blanket and this roach must of been killed so I killed it where it was! I was not even playing around. That roach flew out of my shirt!! I was not having that happen again so I had to kill him dead! And he was a fighter. So needly so say there was roach juice/guts on Roy's blanket now. So it had to be washed. Then I watched AMC, it is getting good! Feed Westin some oatmeal then put him to bed about 1:00. (SHIT! I just realized I left my pants hanging outside and it is 11:30pm and I am scrared to go out there. We dont have lights in our backyard. And those are my fave pair of pants) So I scrapbooked a little bit while Westin napped. And I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Then after Westin woke up I folded some clothes and feed Westin some apple sauce. Cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, unloaded the dishwasher. Then I started supper b/c I was getting hungry. Roy came home right as supper was done. After I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on so I would not have to worry about it in the morning. Then watched my tv shows, Better with you, Moderen Family and Cougar Town. Took a shower then scrapbooked some more! I really need to go get my pants from outside. You never know, these crazy people might steal my pants. They are my fave! Okay pants are saved. I got like 6 and a half hours of sleep so you would think I would be tired, but I am not. UGH! I was hoping to go to bed before midnight, but I don't know of that is going to happen.

A day in my life: Day 2

Today Roy had to go back to work. He actually had a doctor appointment with the chiropractor for his back. Hopefully they will be able to help. They told him he has a tumor that is not cancerous and some nerve damage that hopefully they can help with. He has to go back twice a week. I hope he can get some relief. Me and Westin went for our walk this morning. It actually felt really nice! I could have almost worn pants, I did say almost. I can't believe how hot it still is here. I thought living by the mountains (even tho we are in the desert) it would be cooler than it is right now. Our high temps are mid 80's which should be nice, but when that sun is beating down I swear it feels 5-10 degrees hotter than it is. Now in the shade it is nice, but you have to be in the shade! Anyways we got home from walking and we ate breakfast watched at little tv then it was nap time. I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, did a little scrapbooking, but then I got tired so I took a little nap too. I woke up checked my e-mail then my mom called. I talked to her for a min then Westin woke up from his nap. I feed him lunch then we walked down the street to check the mail and man it was def a lot hotter outside! I left the backdoor open while I cooked supper so Westin could go outside and play. Then Roy came home and we ate supper. I made crunchy taco casserole. Then we watched the Biggest Loser. Roy gave Westin a bath then but him down for bed. Then we watched Detroit 187 then Roy went to bed and I scrapbooked. Pretty nice day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A day in my life: Day 1

Today is Columbus Day so Roy had a 4 day weekend so he was off today! He got up with Westin this morning and made breakfast, scrambles eggs and biscuits. So sweet of him! Then my 2 boys watched the Price is Right on the couch together. Then Roy decided to wash both of the cars and Westin went outside to help! I watched AMC (all my children) and folded clothes. Then I went outside with them to hang out. Then feed Westin a little lunch then it was nap time. I unloaded the dishwasher and scrapbooked while he napped. Roy napped too lol. Then when they got up we started cooking dinner. Roy tried chicken on the grill. It was only his 3rd time using the grill and his first time grilling chicken. He tried out different rubs/spices and they came out good! Then we watched Dancing with the Star, put Westin to bed, then took a shower. And after Roy went to bed I scrapbooked!


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messy scrap space cleaned up!

This is the before pic of my messy scrap desk. I have stuff on the floor, cricut mat and papers everywhere. I still had my HL purchase in the bag and my working space looked like a tornado hit. So it was about time to clean up!
All cleaned! I cleaned up the papers and put everything where it should be! Man it was a mess!
This is a close up of my scrap area before!
and after!!!
I even organized all of my photos!!! I printed out about 200 photos a few weeks ago and never organized all of them. So I organized all of them by date!