Thursday, October 28, 2010

looking back

So my honeys said something to me that reminded me of when Westin was born! After you have a baby and your stuff is all messed up all you want to do is go home with your baby and rest. But Westin was admitted to the hospital only a few days after he got to come home. It was so sad b/c I just wanted to be home with my baby! I was still sore so Roy was wheeling me around the hospital so we could see my baby. We had no idea what was going on. My mom came in town, but I wanted her to stay with my dog. The hospital Westin was at was over 2 hours away from our house so I needed someone to take care of my dog. He was prob freaking out wondering what happened to us. It was such a hard time for us. We stayed at the Rondal McDondal house at night and stayed at the hospital with Westin during the day. I will never forget that Sunday (day 3 of being in the hospital) when I got to give him a bath! And then I got to hold him again! His jaundice got real bad once he was admitted so he was covered in light so we could not hold him! But luckily for us the next day he got to go to a room where we could sleep with him and take car of him! They wanted to monitor his weight gain before they let him go home. His oxygen levels were actually well enough to go home so once he started eating more and gaining weight he could go home. So he was put on a high cal formula and they finally let us go home Wed (day 5). If you know my son now you never would know that he went though anything! He had heart surgery when he was 5 months old and he is almost 2 and he is just perfect! I cannot believe he is almost 2! I remember his first week or so, so vividly! I will never forget what we went through and appreciate every moment we have together! I just love him so much and get a little emotional when I think about my little booga man! He is my everything and my best friend! We spend a lot of time together! I dunno what I would do without him! My life would be boring, uneventful, and meaningless without him! I just thought I would share my thought and emotions with everyone!

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  1. Your story just made me squeeze my three boogers a little tighter. So sweet~