Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baker's Halloween party

Me and Tara were running the roads Friday to get everything we needed for the party. Our first stop was Alberson's to look for jello for our jello shots. Wal-mart didn't have a large selection so I thought we should try Alberson's. Then we went to wal-mart to pick up a few things we needed for the party and for the weekend. We found some frozen alcoholic drinks for $2 so I got the pom margarita, peach daiquiri and strawberry daiquiri flavor. Then we headed to the party store to pick up some decorations and few final things for our costumes. Roy still needed a costume and I found a shirt with muscles in it and got it for him. The line was pretty long so I didn't want to go back there. But we couldn't find jello shot container. They were out of the ones we wanted. So when we checked out Tara asked the guy if he knew where we could get some. He said Hobby Lobby. And me and Tara felt so dumb. Why didn't we think of that. So we headed to hobby lobby in hopes to find some jello shot containers. Well we found some better containers for the jello shots. And while we were there I bought a scrapbook magazine :) Last stop was liqure store to get the liqure for the jello shots! So once we got home I put Westin down for a nap and started making jello shots so they could freeze in time for the party. Then I made my hotdog wrapped in crescents and started to get ready for the party. Roy gets home from work and I show him the muscle shirt I got him at the party store. He has a great idea to go as our friend. In the above photo that is Roy dressed as our friend who is next to him dressed up as a woman. Everyone loved his costume!

This is me and our friend taking a shot of tequila! My costume is an 70's skater girl. I had knee socks and skates on, but I didn't get pic from head to toe. I had my afro puff wig on! I love that wig.

me and my booga man!

me and Tara! She was a groupie and her husband was Bret Micheals.

jello shots!! We had a lot of fun. A lot of guys from Justin's unit showed up that we didn't expect. We played a little guitar hero. We had our all girl band, me, Tara and Alexia and we kicked ass! Me and Alexia on guitars and Tara sang. It was a lot of fun.

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