Saturday, October 16, 2010

A day in my life: Day 5

TGIF! I have been waitin on Friday! Roy works late all week so I look forward to Fridays! But this Friday was different. He had a man date so it was me and Westin all day+night. Tara and I went to Target in the morning to pick up a few things that we forgot or didn't have at wal-mart. Well I found the perfect pair of shoes. I have been eyeing these shoes for a while, but they never had my size in the brown. I tried on the black ones in my size and fell in love. They are so comfy. I have trouble finding shoes b/c my feet are short, but fat, wide, thick. I have been looking for some brown flats to wear with my fall outfits whenever the weather decides to match the season. And these shoes are prefect. They have a small wedge, but you can't even tell b/c they are so comfy. I debated getting them b/c I know we don't have any extra money. Plus I am trying to go home in the begining of next month so I need money for gas. So I walked around the shoe section of Target for like 20 mins with the shoes on to make sure they are really comfy. They are so worth it! I splurged $20 on those shoes. I cannot wait to wear them! They are awesome. We got home and I feed Westin some lunch, then put him down for a nap. I made me some lunch and reheated some of the leftover lasagna from last night and watched my soap. I missed the last 2 days and I watched them on DVR. So I decided to scrapbook. Not long after that I hear Westin. He has only been sleeping for an hour. He should not be up yet. So I wait a while and see if he gets really crazy. I go in and turn his movie on and leave him in his bed. I went back in my scraproom and hear him from time to time. I took him out a little while later. Roy comes home and gets ready for his man date to see jackass the movie in 3D. He is only home for a few mins then he is gone again. So I am chillin on the couch, bored. So I decide to clean the kitchen and mop the floors, which I have been meaning to do for over a week now and haven't felt like it. I loaded the DW, cleaned off the counter tops, cleaned the living room and put all of Westin toys in his room, then I vacuumed the floors, Westin's room and the rug, then I mopped the kitchen and hallway. I was pooped out after that. I feed Westin some spaghetti which was dumb to do right after I mopped, but whatever. He enjoyed it. So I gave him a bath after he was done eating. Let him play in the tub for a while then got him out and PJ's on. Then I made my pasta salad for tmw for Tara's BBQ. By the time I was done it was almost 9:00 and Westin's bedtime. So I put him to bed and scrapped.

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