Sunday, October 17, 2010

day in my life: weekend

Saturday The Bake's were having a BBQ/ sencey party at their house. Well Justin got called into work b/c they got the dates wrong and he was suppose to have CQ Sat. What kind of shit is that? How can you just call someone in? Shouldn't you have some sort of schedule printed out for everyone to have a hard copy so everyone knows when they have CQ. That would be too fucking easy. The army really pisses me off. Shit could be so freaking easy, but why do it the easy way? So Justin had this BBQ planned and now he has to bail out. So Tara calls me and asks if I can take her to pick up George (her cat) from the vet b/c Justin took the car. I said yea no prob. She also wanted Roy to help her BBQ. She doesn't know how and they were only doing hambugers and hot dogs so that is easy. So I get ready and go over there to help out. Roy is coming by after Westin wake up from his nap. Well Westin took a long nap and they didn't come by till later. So I decided to try my hand at the pit. She bought the coal in the bag that you can light and i said how hard is that? Then Greg came by with Patron which he promised! Had some shots of that! A few jello shots! Roy came to help on the grill, but he left after the food was done b/c Westin was being bad. We hung out and danced in Tara's living room. Luckily for us Tara videoed us lol We had a fun night!

So today we went to the zoo, I have been waiting to go to the zoo so today I fianlly said lets go. Westin has been really responding to animals and make certain noises for certain animals. It is so cute. So I thought it was time to go see real animals. The zoo had a new African exhibit which was awesome. The animals could not hid. They made it where you could see them from certain angles so you could get a good look at them. It was pretty awesome. The lions were one of my favs. She came right up to the glass and I got this gorgeous pic! I was so excited when I saw her come walking towards us. I was hoping she would come close enough to get a good pic and she sure did! The sea lions we pretty awesome too! They were so showing off and swimming around so we could see them. They kept swimming up to the glass. Westin got a kick out of that. Westin also liked the elephants. He likes she big animals so he can see them lol. They also had this tortoise that was slowly getting out of the water and I took tons of pics of him. It was amazing to see such a huge tortoise that close and actually move! Everyt ime I see them at the zoo they never move lol I was really happy with this zoo! Bu I cannot wait to go home and go to the BR zoo and/or NO zoo! What a great day with fam!


  1. glad u have a great weekend bestie :)

  2. I didn't know there was a zoo in Baton Rouge? I really liked your photos. The one of Westin and his Daddy... Westin looks a LOT like your DH! LOL