Friday, October 15, 2010

A day in my life: Day 4

I forgot to post this last night for my day 4 day in my life. Yesterday was a pay day and pay days are always crazy. Pay days are always grocery shopping day. And I actually woke up really late that day too. I woke up at 9:30am and when I realized what time it was I jumped out of bed! Tara and I had plans to go to wal-mart about 10:00. So I get Westin out his bed and then I started getting ready! Fed Westin then put clothes on him. So we head to wal-mart. We are both pretty hungry b/c neither one of us ate breakfast so we ate lunch at the Mc. D's in wal-mart. I had a monopoly piece for a free medium french fry and I got a drink. And on my drink I won another free french fry! So me and Westin shared 2 medium french fries. I know what a great lunch lol. So we finished up our grocery shopping and headed home! I put Westin down for his nap and put all the groceries away. I scrapbooked a little bit, but I couldn't stop thinking about these cookies I found on a food blog and really wanted to try them. So I gave in and decided to make them. They were soft, big, brown sugar cookies with icing and they were good! While I was making cookies I had to get started on the lasagna that I was going to make. So I am baking cookies and trying to get my lasagna together. Then Westin wakes up. He has been usually sleeping a little longer than he did. And it showed when he got up b/c he was a little cranky. But I was still in the middle of my cookies and lasagna. SO I tried to figure out what was wrong with Westin and take my cookies out of the oven and layer my lasagna. So I open the back door for him so he could go outside and I got to finish my cookies and put the lasagna in the oven to cook! Roy gets home from work and passes out on the couch before supper is ready. Justin and Tara come over for supper and to watch Grey's! I put Westin down and watched my shows.

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