Wednesday, July 21, 2010

how many words does Westin say?

I have worried about Westin being behind on his speech. He was evaluated at 14 months old and was ahead on everything except speech and I expected that. But lately I have been thinking and he is saying a lot of words now! He may not talk a lot nor tell me everything he wants, but he says a lot of words. He said bubbles today! And he says, Jacie which is the dogs name. He says nanny, momma, daddy, done, bye, hot, hey, yum, I think he may say a few more things but I can't think of them now. And when you say, "Red Robin" he says, "mmmmmm". Oh and when the Dahlin car commercial comes on he says, "Dahlin". But not matter what he is doing, if music comes on he stops to dance! Oh and he says dance! So that is a lot of words!

Poppy seed :)

It is crazy that something the size of a poppy seed can do so much damage lol. Man the past few days have been rough. I am so tired, it is too hot to go outside and do anything, I am not sleeping well at night! Little baby Cook is kicking my ass. When I was prego with Westin I was super tired like this and I remember thinking how do people do this with a job/already have children! I knew the second pregnancy would be rough. I was wishfully thinking that maybe the tiredness would hold off for a few weeks till we moved, since I just found out and all. HAHAHA that is funny. Oh well! I am ready for this pregnancy so bring it on! I am hoping the weather starts to cool off a little next month so we can spend more time outside like Westin wants! But luckily my mom took Westin outside for a little while so i could take a little snooze! I feel a little better now. Now if only I could get Westin to take a second nap since he only took a short earlier. Life is good. Stressful, but good!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

That's right I'm doing me!

So lately I have been feeling really good. Tried, but good! I am waiting for the heartburn, morning sickness, crazy hormonal emotions to kick in, but instead it just feels right! Which is weird to me. I just found out I was pregnant, there really shouldn't be any real difference yet. But maybe just finding out I was prego made my mood better! So it could be all in my head, but whatever it is, I like it. I feel like me more than I have in a while. It is weird. I struggle with who I am suppose to be as to being Westin's mom and Roy's wife and still being me. But what I have learned is being me makes me the best mom and wife I can be. I don't have to be anyone else. Sometimes I feel like I have to be a certain way b/c I am 27 and a wife and mother. But I am who I am. I am 27, but I still look good so I will wear my bikini and look good doing it too. Sometimes I feel like that is inappropriate and people will talk and I don't care if people talk about me, but having a child makes me worry about it. I don't want Westin to get embassesed by me. I still gotta be a mom. But like I said being me makes me the best mom. And I think that is the most important thing to teach Westin is always be yourself! I might embarrass Westin for being the best looking mom (I only say that b/c I look so young) but it wont matter b/c he will know he has the best family and we love him! All those other things, like what a mom is suppose to look like or do or say, doesn't matter and I use to worry about them! I love Drakes song, it says, "That's right, I'm doing me. I'm living life right now." Altho I am not a rapper and living a different life than drake, but I am living my life right now and I love it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

finally done!

So here is the LO I have been working on. The time I have been logging in! So I figured it took me about an hour and a half to finish this which isn't that bad. I think my mojo is back. Because when it is gone it seems to take much longer to finish a LO. I used a LO from Scrapbook Etc to help me out. I had to buy some pop dots to make my shape pop!!!!
This is another LO I got done while my little one was gone! And I just love it. Once again I used pop dots to pop up my little cloud!
And I made this card a few days ago and I think it is so cute! I got the idea from Auntie T on or Made Fresh Daily blog.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Logging in more time

I am loggin in more time on my LO I started! I actually got a lot done on it! I spent about an hour on it! I already had photos and LO picked out to scraplift. So I worked on finding the right PP! So I dug through my stash and I thought of the perfect paper. I have the a few papers left from the Joy Ride collection from Cosmo Cricket! It is starting to come together, but now comes the hard part! The part that I find the most difficult! The embellishments! Buttons, flowers, brads, Oh My! Where do I put them? How many do I put? How do I layer them? I am getting stressed out just thinking about it lol. So for now I am taking a break, Besides it is hot in there! I was starting to sweat!
7/16- 2:07-3:07 - 1 hour
total time = 1 hour 10 mins...and counting!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

more of summer camp

I did this for the first aid badge over at club ck summer camp! I am learning a lot of things at summer camp! HAHA! They even have recipes and photography tips! So for this I used a row of buttons! I see that done a lot and I like it but I hate to use all my buttons on one LO, so I didn't do it all the way across! And it still stood out and I like how it turned out! Thanks for looking!

Update on time spend on my LO: I have not been to my scraptable at all today. Actually I might do that now. So far I only have 10 mins. Happy scrapping!

am I or aren't I?

So I have a dilemma. My husband came to visit last week, but he was only here 6 days. I really didn't think we would get prego then! How lucky would that be the 1 week he comes to town I am ovulating lol. but it only takes one time!! So I was suppose to start my period mon-tues of this week. Well I was surprise I actually got my period Mon and kind of heavy too!! Usually when I start is it a slow couple of days, but my back usually kills me, but instead I had kind of had a heavy flow. I didn't pay any attention to it b/c when I got off the pill a few months ago you never know what mother nature will throw at you. So I took it as well I guess I started my period. Well the next day was like nothing!! And like I said that can happen once you get off the pill. My period has been crazy lately so I never know what to expect. So I assume it will start up again the next day. Nope! I did get a weird color discharge in the morning but that is it! So I know we have plans to go to wal-mart today (thursday) so I figure we will pick up a prego test. So when we get back I do my thing in the bathroom and wait 3 mins and go check the test. I see one line that is the neg line and then I see a very faint pink line next to it. Is that the positive line? It was such a faint line is it pos or neg? I don't remember it ever being that difficult when I found out I was prego with Westin. Altho I did get a neg test and less then a week later I got a pos test. But I never had trouble reading the tests. So the pack came with 2 so I will take the second one in the morning when I pee the most and make sure I get good results! I give you all these graphic details b/c I did not really do this when I was prego with Westin. I mean I started off writing down things and weeks, but I didn't do a very good job and it was hard to make a prego sb! So I did not finish it. I want to make a good one this time!! I did get real tired the first few weeks, so I need to keep updates on here what is going on with this pregnancy or not which ever the case may be!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How long does it take to complete a LO?

So I was wondering how long it really takes me to make 1 LO. From start to finish. I know sometimes it takes me days to finish a LO, but how many mins/hours did it take to complete a LO? So I am going to figure out how long it takes me! So I am going to log in my mins/hours I spend on my LO from start to finish! I don't know what LO I am going to do next or anything. So I am starting from the beginning.
So I already started on a LO...well sort of. Lets just say the process has started. I dug through my magazine to see if something stood out. Then I went though my photos and picked a few to scrap. Now I have no idea if I will use the photos I picked out. Next time I get to my scrap table I could pick different photos to match a certain sketch or papers, you just never know lol. But this is the start of completely a LO so I spent about 10 mins doing that. I am about to go to bed so I didn't have much time. Doubt I will have time tomorrow unless Westin takes a nice long nap :)
7/14 | 9:55pm-10:05pm = 10 mins scraped

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer camp over at Club CK

I join the CK club summer camp over at creating keepsake website. The first day was the flag ceremony. You had to use a flag on your LO! I love the flag look, but never felt like I could use it on my everyday LO's. So I cut out a few triangles from scraps and felt and put them on the side of my LO so it didn't look so b-day theme. I love it!
And now that I finished my LO I earned my flag badge

Sunday, July 11, 2010

organized photos

I like having this blog b/c when it comes down to scrapping a photo I can come look at my blog and I already have notes from that day or about the photo. I feel like that has been lacking in my LO's. Esp since I have gotten so far behind. I haven't even start on Christmas yet. I haven't really seen any papers that I like. Not many holiday papers out now. So I might wait a few months till all the cute new christmas collections come out! Anyways I also hate only having a limited photos printed out. I want most of my photos at my finger tips b/c you never know when I might want to scrap them! I might get the perfect paper for a certain photo. So when we move we will have extra money and I want to print out a lot of my photos! And I want to sort them and add memorabilia or stickers that go with the photos. I can also print out the blog that goes with the photos. Help me keep organized!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


My honeys leaves tomorrow to go back to tx :( We had so much fun this week! Usually it is so stressful when he comes b/c we usually come during a holiday! But this visit was for fun! But we will only be apart for a few more weeks. I will be going back at the end of the month right before we move. Roy is taking Austin back with him to help him pack up the house. Then Tressie will follow me when I go back to help up pack up the rest of the things and then she is going back with Austin then we leave for El Paso.
I am actually finding houses in El Paso in our price range that I like. I had originally stressed about finding decent housing there. I wasn't having much luck when I first started looking a month ago. But now it seems like houses are popping up everywhere! So now I am not stressing as much and is actually getting excited about it! I am just excited about getting a 3 bedroom house!! I am so tired of having a 2 bedroom! It would be so nice to have the 3rd bedroom for extra furniture, scrap stuff and possibly a guest room. Now that room might change into a baby room, but I can still keep extra stuff in there for storage. It also would be nice to have a garage for any extra crap we will need to store like Roy's army stuff.

swim day!

The sun finally came out today after raining for about 1 straight week! It was perfect swimming weather! Roy and I came out and played volleyball. Then Cooper came out and wanted to turn on the jets to swim against the current! Then my lil man woke up from his nap so I put his little swimmers on and he went and swam too!
Westin and daddy played in the pool together. Westin loves when Roy throws him up in the air. Roy dunked Westin underwater for the first time. He kind of liked it. I was so proud of him! And when I would tell him to swim he would move his arms! It was so cute!
my 2 boys!:)
Westin loves this old dump truck. This was Cooper's old dump truck when he was Westin's age. They don't make them like they use to! He likes to put stuff in it and push it around! It is so cute to see Westin play with "old school" toys! He is such a boy! He even has a tractor that use to be Coopers that he loves to play with too.
And this is Uncle Cooper and Westin! He loves his Uncle Cooper!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

just a LO I did

I have been behind on posting LO's I have been working on. I have been trying to keep up with all the daily pics I take so when I go to finally scrap them I have a story behind them! So I figured the scrapbook LO's could wait! I got the idea of the layering border punch from the August Scrapbooks Etc magazine Meremiad's LO! I loved how it gave the look of waves without being waves. And I just love the Heat Wave collection from AC! At the bottom I have some stickers and a felt wave I made to give it a little something extra. I just love how it came out!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Show me your muscles!

Show me your muscles! This is Westin's new thing. You tell him to show me your muscles and he tenses up, balls his fists and grunts! It is hilarious!! I love it!
Like father like son. Roy was playing Call of Duty on his PS3 and Westin came up and wanted Roy to pick him up so he could play with him. Westin was even pushes buttons on the controller! He thinks he is playing! I wonder when Westin will start playing PS3.

I have never seen a rainbow this big and this close up! So I pulled over on the side of the road to get this pic. It was so pretty! We were driving down Brown Rd when we saw this so I pulled over and Roy took a pic for me! I am so glad the pic came out so good!

all Westin!

It is so cute, now when Westin says "uh oh" he puts his hands on his face. It is so cute. I swear it has been watching Home Alone or something. I have no idea where he got that from. But it is the cutest thing!
This what we did on the 4th of July. We swam for a little while when Westin took his nap. We had a volleyball tournament. Me and Jermey against Cooper and Roy. We didn't take score. We just had fun! Then when Westin woke up we ate and then we swam in his pool!
Then he wanted to get out and play with the water hose! He watered the concrete with the hose. Then he figured out he could drink out of it. It was so funny. He did it several times! He looked proud of himself too.
I wanted to bring my skates but we could not find them. We looked everywhere. I was so sad that my skates could be gone. I had not seen them since we moved. I was already planning to buy new ones. Cheri and I really wanted to go skating like we use to back in the day. But those skates you rent are crap! So Roy decided to clean out the basement and he found my skates in with the Christmas stuff! I was so happy. He told me they looked rough and had seen better days, but I didn't care. Even some of the wheels didn't roll. I can fix that! Well I did not think Westin would like them as well lol. He had so much fun rolling them around. He pushes stuff without wheels so the skates must of been really fun! I cannot wait till Westin gets is first pair of skates!! I might tear up a little bit.