Thursday, July 15, 2010

am I or aren't I?

So I have a dilemma. My husband came to visit last week, but he was only here 6 days. I really didn't think we would get prego then! How lucky would that be the 1 week he comes to town I am ovulating lol. but it only takes one time!! So I was suppose to start my period mon-tues of this week. Well I was surprise I actually got my period Mon and kind of heavy too!! Usually when I start is it a slow couple of days, but my back usually kills me, but instead I had kind of had a heavy flow. I didn't pay any attention to it b/c when I got off the pill a few months ago you never know what mother nature will throw at you. So I took it as well I guess I started my period. Well the next day was like nothing!! And like I said that can happen once you get off the pill. My period has been crazy lately so I never know what to expect. So I assume it will start up again the next day. Nope! I did get a weird color discharge in the morning but that is it! So I know we have plans to go to wal-mart today (thursday) so I figure we will pick up a prego test. So when we get back I do my thing in the bathroom and wait 3 mins and go check the test. I see one line that is the neg line and then I see a very faint pink line next to it. Is that the positive line? It was such a faint line is it pos or neg? I don't remember it ever being that difficult when I found out I was prego with Westin. Altho I did get a neg test and less then a week later I got a pos test. But I never had trouble reading the tests. So the pack came with 2 so I will take the second one in the morning when I pee the most and make sure I get good results! I give you all these graphic details b/c I did not really do this when I was prego with Westin. I mean I started off writing down things and weeks, but I didn't do a very good job and it was hard to make a prego sb! So I did not finish it. I want to make a good one this time!! I did get real tired the first few weeks, so I need to keep updates on here what is going on with this pregnancy or not which ever the case may be!

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