Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Poppy seed :)

It is crazy that something the size of a poppy seed can do so much damage lol. Man the past few days have been rough. I am so tired, it is too hot to go outside and do anything, I am not sleeping well at night! Little baby Cook is kicking my ass. When I was prego with Westin I was super tired like this and I remember thinking how do people do this with a job/already have children! I knew the second pregnancy would be rough. I was wishfully thinking that maybe the tiredness would hold off for a few weeks till we moved, since I just found out and all. HAHAHA that is funny. Oh well! I am ready for this pregnancy so bring it on! I am hoping the weather starts to cool off a little next month so we can spend more time outside like Westin wants! But luckily my mom took Westin outside for a little while so i could take a little snooze! I feel a little better now. Now if only I could get Westin to take a second nap since he only took a short earlier. Life is good. Stressful, but good!


  1. You are very welcome for the comments! I appreciate you commenting on mine too! I'm sorry you are feeling so tired. I remember that. Sigh. I'm so excited for you guys!