Monday, July 5, 2010

all Westin!

It is so cute, now when Westin says "uh oh" he puts his hands on his face. It is so cute. I swear it has been watching Home Alone or something. I have no idea where he got that from. But it is the cutest thing!
This what we did on the 4th of July. We swam for a little while when Westin took his nap. We had a volleyball tournament. Me and Jermey against Cooper and Roy. We didn't take score. We just had fun! Then when Westin woke up we ate and then we swam in his pool!
Then he wanted to get out and play with the water hose! He watered the concrete with the hose. Then he figured out he could drink out of it. It was so funny. He did it several times! He looked proud of himself too.
I wanted to bring my skates but we could not find them. We looked everywhere. I was so sad that my skates could be gone. I had not seen them since we moved. I was already planning to buy new ones. Cheri and I really wanted to go skating like we use to back in the day. But those skates you rent are crap! So Roy decided to clean out the basement and he found my skates in with the Christmas stuff! I was so happy. He told me they looked rough and had seen better days, but I didn't care. Even some of the wheels didn't roll. I can fix that! Well I did not think Westin would like them as well lol. He had so much fun rolling them around. He pushes stuff without wheels so the skates must of been really fun! I cannot wait till Westin gets is first pair of skates!! I might tear up a little bit.

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