Sunday, August 26, 2012

another outfit

So let me just say that yesterday while I was out and about (shopping duh!) wearing my new dress, I got a few compliments. I was very surprised! It was nice that someone noticed my awesome skills at putting an outfit together. And one compliment I got from a lady working at Old Navy so I assume she knows about clothes so that was really cool. And then other compliment was when I was at Target (once again, duh!) and this lady saw my dress on the hanger and she said seeing me in the dress made her want to get it. WHAT?! That is awesome and I am pretty sure I should get some sort of discount or compensation from Target for helping them out. Just saying. Since pretty much most of my money goes there anyways. The dress defiantly made me feel like I could do anything in it. I wore that dress with confidence!

I do have anything outfit to post. I was able to take pics of it yesterday.
 I love the pop of color the necklace gives. If wouldn't of added this necklace I would be a blob of navy. I love this dress and wear it often. It is my go to dress. And it has packets and i love that. Love a dress with pockets!.
dress from Target, jacket from Banana Republic outfit, sandals from Target and necklace from Target
 I love how I can button up the jacket and the dress looks like a skirt and it gives the outfit a new look. I love how Audrey post pics of how you can wear a dress in many ways.
Once again I try not to take myself too seriously so I have a silly photo to post
Isn't that funny? I thought it would be funny to get an action shot. This show why I was not a cheerleader in high school. But we had fun on our mini photo shoot.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Very First Fashion Blog

Although my first attempt at photographing my outfits was not very successful, I did get a few good shots so I decided to go ahead and start my fashion blog :) I wanted to start a fashion blog after I found a few fashion blogs on pinsterest and I love how they gave me so many great ideas. So I wanted to capture what I have learned about putting outfits together and posting them here so I get a better visual of what my outfits look like. I use to try and write down outfits that go together but that never worked b/c I am such a visual person I have to see the outfit so I thought this would be a great idea. Plus I can track my progress at getting better at this whole making outfits thing. I use to throw on a top and bottom and neutral shoe to match and be done. Didn't think too much more about the outfit. But I have learned some great tips for making my lame top and bottom into an outfit which I love. So lets get started at the first outfit (feel free to laugh at any of the pics. I try not to take myself too seriously and I think the photos show that :))

 I LOVE this dress. I bought this at Target a few days ago! Yes I am a Target junky. I would say about over 50% of my clothes (shoes included) are from Target. Back to the dress, I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it. But I wanted to be responsible (ugh Hate being all grown up and responsible) and wait until payday and make sure I had the extra money after my bills were paid. Well come to find out later that day it was payday. I'm not sure how that happened that I completely forgot and thought payday was later in the week but I did not question it and went back to Target a few days later for the dress. Well when I went back the dress was on sale! Jack pot! So in an effort to make an outfit  I bought this cute necklace. I don't have necklaces or bracelets or earnings or anything like that. So I am trying to keep outfits in mind and buy accessories to match. And I bought this blue jean jacket a few years ago and never wear it. I don't know why. It just never seems to go with anything I wore. So I saw an outfit where the sleeves were rolled up and loved the look. And now I like the jacket so much more! I also already had this belt but never wore it either. It was too long and it did not have enough holes in the belt. But I found a way to tie the belt in a knot which gives the belt a new look. LOVE! And I just paired the outfit with some white sandals which I wear a lot!
 It was kind of awkward just standing there while my friend took pics so I had to spice it up a little bit :)
And here I am showing how the dress flows! :) Okay so the dress I got from Target, jean jacket from New York &; Co., sandals from Target, nacklace from Target and the white belt came with a shirt I bought many years ago I cannot remember.
 I just love this outfit and most of the stuff I already had in my closet that I didn't use. Where did I wear this outfit? To my sons "preschool" (he is 3 so he is in a preschool at a learning center) for orientation. I looked like one hot mamma! I liked the jacket with this dress b/c the straps are bright pink spaghetti straps and the "preschool" is at a church so I didn't want to show my straps so this jacket was a great solution. Will defiantly be wearing this outfit again! Maybe next time with some wedges for a hot date!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I will never get married again

I keep telling people I will never get married again and they never believe me. I may still be young and have plenty of time to marry again, but there are many reasons why I will never get married again. This doesn't mean I will never be in a relationship again, or never trust a man again or that I am a man hater. I just don't see why it is necessary to get married. I would probably say the main reason I feel this way is mostly b/c of money. It is costing me way more money to get divorce than it did when we got married Justice of the peace. Let me start from the beginning. I started taking over the car note once I got a job and Roy (my ex) started paying me child support. So when I went to pay the first car note online the website said I could not pay an online payment and I needed to call them, so I did. Come to find out Roy was behind on the notes and also had late fees so my first car note payment I pretty much paid 2 car notes that cost over $600. I did not have extra money laying around but I had to pay it. So I asked Roy for the extra money that I had to pay b/c I was only suppose to pay the car note from that month not his late fees and paying previous months. He said he didn't have it and to no big surprise I never got that money back almost a year later. He also took over the credit card payments on our credit cards that were originality in my name but I added him to the accounts to help his credit. And he was the one who charged on the accounts so he said he would pay them. Well come to find out he stopped paying on the accounts and also charged over $600 one month after he stopped paying on them. And when I asked him about those charges he said he "flipped out after he found out he was going to Iraq" I guess he felt that was enough reason to charge on a credit card that he stopped paying on a few months prior. So he said he was going to get everything handled for the divorce well then he deployed so it got put to hold. Then I found out we needed to file child support in the state where the child lives which is a different state where he is living so he could not do that part of the divorce in Tx. We went back a forth about it and he said he was gonna talk to this guy, make an appt for this, blah blah, but nothing ever got done. So I took it into my own hands to get the divorce done. That way I could get it done my way and could control what I wanted in the divorce. But I also had to pay for it. I also had to pick up where he left off in the credit cards and pay a couple hundred dollars just to get them turned back on since there was no payment on them for a few months. All this coming out of my pocket when I never charged on the damn cards. I was not the one who "flipped out." Guess what? Sometimes I feel like flipping out too but I can't b/c I am responsible for my actions and can't afford to "flip out" So I found out in the lawyers office that pretty much that debit that he charged was half ours b/c we were married. How fair is that? So let's break it down how much I have had to pay over the last year due to my soon to be ex husband.
$617.72 for the late car note
$231.00 on the discover card to cut is back on
$50.00 month of Jan on discover card
$100.00 on chase but I need to pay over $400 to keep it going to collection agency
$970.00 to the lawyer which I will prob end up paying him more by the time this is over.
So this divorce will prob cost me over $2,000 by the time this is all over and I will not see a dime of it back from soon to be ex husband. All he has paid is child support that is only for the support of his child not the extra cost that I had to pay due to his dumb ass. The money is just money but the fact that his morals suck so bad to think it is okay to charge on a credit card he stopped paying on and now has fucked up my credit just shows what a dumb ass he really is. But the real problem is Westin. I will get over this as time passes and I will have to deal, but Westin is stuck with him as a father and that saddens me the most. The fact that Westin's father never bothers to call him except on Christmas and his birthday or if I need to talk to him about the divorce he asks to talk to Westin. Never ever goes out of his way to call and make sure Westin is doing okay and that I cannot live with nor be okay with and I will beat myself up for reproducing with someone who does not do all the things a father should. I understand he is in the military so he does not get to see him every other weekend or even once a month but I believe that he can def do a whole lot better than seeing his son twice a year for only 10 days on each visit. I'm lucky Westin is young. But soon will come the questions. And I will not know how to answer them. And I will feel the pain of not picking a better father for Westin.