Saturday, August 25, 2012

Very First Fashion Blog

Although my first attempt at photographing my outfits was not very successful, I did get a few good shots so I decided to go ahead and start my fashion blog :) I wanted to start a fashion blog after I found a few fashion blogs on pinsterest and I love how they gave me so many great ideas. So I wanted to capture what I have learned about putting outfits together and posting them here so I get a better visual of what my outfits look like. I use to try and write down outfits that go together but that never worked b/c I am such a visual person I have to see the outfit so I thought this would be a great idea. Plus I can track my progress at getting better at this whole making outfits thing. I use to throw on a top and bottom and neutral shoe to match and be done. Didn't think too much more about the outfit. But I have learned some great tips for making my lame top and bottom into an outfit which I love. So lets get started at the first outfit (feel free to laugh at any of the pics. I try not to take myself too seriously and I think the photos show that :))

 I LOVE this dress. I bought this at Target a few days ago! Yes I am a Target junky. I would say about over 50% of my clothes (shoes included) are from Target. Back to the dress, I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it. But I wanted to be responsible (ugh Hate being all grown up and responsible) and wait until payday and make sure I had the extra money after my bills were paid. Well come to find out later that day it was payday. I'm not sure how that happened that I completely forgot and thought payday was later in the week but I did not question it and went back to Target a few days later for the dress. Well when I went back the dress was on sale! Jack pot! So in an effort to make an outfit  I bought this cute necklace. I don't have necklaces or bracelets or earnings or anything like that. So I am trying to keep outfits in mind and buy accessories to match. And I bought this blue jean jacket a few years ago and never wear it. I don't know why. It just never seems to go with anything I wore. So I saw an outfit where the sleeves were rolled up and loved the look. And now I like the jacket so much more! I also already had this belt but never wore it either. It was too long and it did not have enough holes in the belt. But I found a way to tie the belt in a knot which gives the belt a new look. LOVE! And I just paired the outfit with some white sandals which I wear a lot!
 It was kind of awkward just standing there while my friend took pics so I had to spice it up a little bit :)
And here I am showing how the dress flows! :) Okay so the dress I got from Target, jean jacket from New York &; Co., sandals from Target, nacklace from Target and the white belt came with a shirt I bought many years ago I cannot remember.
 I just love this outfit and most of the stuff I already had in my closet that I didn't use. Where did I wear this outfit? To my sons "preschool" (he is 3 so he is in a preschool at a learning center) for orientation. I looked like one hot mamma! I liked the jacket with this dress b/c the straps are bright pink spaghetti straps and the "preschool" is at a church so I didn't want to show my straps so this jacket was a great solution. Will defiantly be wearing this outfit again! Maybe next time with some wedges for a hot date!

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