Sunday, August 26, 2012

another outfit

So let me just say that yesterday while I was out and about (shopping duh!) wearing my new dress, I got a few compliments. I was very surprised! It was nice that someone noticed my awesome skills at putting an outfit together. And one compliment I got from a lady working at Old Navy so I assume she knows about clothes so that was really cool. And then other compliment was when I was at Target (once again, duh!) and this lady saw my dress on the hanger and she said seeing me in the dress made her want to get it. WHAT?! That is awesome and I am pretty sure I should get some sort of discount or compensation from Target for helping them out. Just saying. Since pretty much most of my money goes there anyways. The dress defiantly made me feel like I could do anything in it. I wore that dress with confidence!

I do have anything outfit to post. I was able to take pics of it yesterday.
 I love the pop of color the necklace gives. If wouldn't of added this necklace I would be a blob of navy. I love this dress and wear it often. It is my go to dress. And it has packets and i love that. Love a dress with pockets!.
dress from Target, jacket from Banana Republic outfit, sandals from Target and necklace from Target
 I love how I can button up the jacket and the dress looks like a skirt and it gives the outfit a new look. I love how Audrey post pics of how you can wear a dress in many ways.
Once again I try not to take myself too seriously so I have a silly photo to post
Isn't that funny? I thought it would be funny to get an action shot. This show why I was not a cheerleader in high school. But we had fun on our mini photo shoot.


  1. Awesome! It is a cute dress and I know what you mean about being complimented on an outfit, especially one that you didn't spend much money on! I like to shop at Forever 21 from time to time because they are affordable and have cute clothes. I get compliments the outfits I buy from there.

  2. I see you haven't blogged in awhile... hope everything is okay.
    Well hopefully this will get you back into a blogging frame of mind:
    Stop by my blog and read today's post. I nominated you for the "Sunshine Blogger Award" and I'm hoping you can play along!