Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This I did using a sketch from Creative Scrapper blog found here. I loved the sketch and this was my very first time hand stitching (or anything kind of stitching/sewing) on a LO. And I am very proud of myself and they way it turned out!

new sippy cup!

Westin needed a new sippy. His old ones were getting all mildew in the spill proof thing. So when we went to Wal-mart I got him a new sippy cup! I let him pick between Sponge Bob and Cars. He surprised me and picked Cars! He even made the "vroom" sound. We have watched Sponge Bob more than we have watched Cars. And as you can tell he likes it. And I am glad this sippy cup does not have the spill proof thing in the lid that kept getting mildew like the other sippy cups!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The mysterious Toy tornado has striked again

So somehow we keep getting hit by this mysterious toy tornado. You never know when it is going to strike and just as quickly as it comes it is gone again. I keep some of Westin's small toys that he brings out in the living room in a small canvas box so he doesn't have to bring out all his toys to the living room. Well now Westin likes to dump out the whole box right after I fill it with all his toys! I get so mad. I tell him to pick up his toys and put them in the box. He just looks at me. That little boy is smart and I know he knows what I am saying. So I put some toys in the box and tell him to help me. He just takes out all the toys out that I put in there! That little turd! So I guess I will no longer be keeping that box filled with toys in my living room since Westin always seems to dump them out!

what does back to school mean to me?

Well back to school use to mean getting nervous about going back to school. Starting new classes, new teachers and a new school year. Buying new clothes (which I loved, why can't I still do that lol), new shoes, new backpack, new school supplies. I loved school supply shopping! I love buying new binders, new pens, new notebooks, Office Depot was in trouble when I came in for school supplies! But now that I am not in school and Westin isn't old enough to go to school yet, I look forward to the summer heat winding down and cool Fall air coming in! I love when the weather starts to get cool! Just enough to wear jeans, a shirt (maybe light jacket), and flip flops! That is the perfect weather!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I hate this weight!

I have been really stressing about my weight lately. I may only weigh 126 pounds, but I was about 118-119 about 3 months ago. I hate weighing this much! I am uncomfortable and nothing fits me anymore. I want to cry when I have to get dressed in the mornings. I haven't weighted this much (not prego) since after I had Westin. I think I even got down to 123 and the last few pounds was the hardest. So I think "What happened?" I got pregnant, but then started bleeding about a week later. Slow at first then got worse. So I was really trying to take it easy! I didn't do anything for a few weeks. I was still upset I gained that much at 6 weeks prego, but I had to take it easy if I wanted to keep the baby! Well I ended up losing the baby and now can't get the weight off. That was about 3 weeks ago. I didn't expect to lose all of it in 3 weeks, but I was hoping for a little improvement! Nope I still weigh the same as I did at my last doc appt. *sigh And I wasn't happy with that weight at the doc appt! I tried to keep positive after the miscarriage. It happened early, we can try again once I have my period, so that is good news. I am glad I was 3 months prego, that would be horrible! But I really think though all this trying to be positive, I was really hurting inside! And that could play a big role in this weight and why it is not coming off! I have been waiting for my period so we can try again, but I still think maybe this will happen again. I feel like I am 1 and 1. 1 miscarriage and 1 baby so I feel like I have a 50/50 chance this will happen again. I dunno. The doctor never said anything about it happening again. We will just have to see. But I am still worried that we may not get prego in the next few months. I am so nervous and scared and worried. And there is nothing I can do except wait and see. And that sucks lol

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I haven't been happy with the adhesive out at the stores. I have tried a lot of them and found one that I liked but it didn't hold that much and I felt like I was always buying tape! I only have a small budget for scrapping supplies and I would get aggravated when I couldn't buy what I wanted b/c I had to buy tape, again! I have always been interested in the ATG's, but they were too expensive for me! Then I found out they were coming out with a new smaller gun! I thought that would be perfect for me. And I heard so many good things about it. And the refills are cheaper than what I was paying for tape so it would be cheaper in the long run. I got a good deal off of ebay (had a little drama with that. Come to find out I have re-register with a NEW e-mail address! No annoying, but anway) I got to use it the other night and I think I like it! I did have to have my DH help me load the tape, but it wasn't that hard once you open it up (I had problems opening it lol). I def think this is going to work out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Splash park fun!

Me and my baby having fun at Splash park on post! It was perfect size for Westin. I could let him run around and not worry about him! He loved sliding down the slide! And he even slide down by himself! My big boy is growing up so fast! And the park was FREE! Thanks Ft Bliss :)
Tara helping Westin sliding down the slide so I could take pics :)
Hahaha he loved it!
He loved this weird turtle! He kept playing with the water coming out of his mouth! He wanted to climb on the turtle too, but he couldn't.
Westin climbed up the stairs all by himself. He is such a big boy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A fun day at the park

It was actually a cool 80 degrees outside which is a nice break the 100's we were having! So Tara and I decided to spend the day outside at the park. But first we wanted to go to our fave place and get shaved ice! Birthday cake with cream and sprinkles :) We got there at 11:00 and they open at 11:30. So there is a Dollar Tree by there so we spend 30 mins in there buying stuff for a dollar! I got some tape and Westin a coloring book! So we head back to Bahama Jack's to get our shaved ice! YUM! It is so good! Then we are off to the park. Westin had so much fun running around and climbing everything! And it was nice to be comfortable outside and not be too hot to be outside for longer than a few mins! I really enjoyed it!

This is the thing Westin likes to climb on! He makes me a little nervous, but like any toddler he likes he can do everything by himself! And he did!
Actually I think he was doing his business here. I realized it after I took his pic. Sorry Westin for interrupting your private moment. And he had poo poo for me right after that too. Thanks Westin :)
My big boy getting ready to slide down the slide by himself!
And there he goes!! Weeeee! He loves that slide. He wont go down the other slide for some reason. It isn't bigger than this one. I guess he likes the shape of this one! And it is nice the park is by our house. Not quite walking distance, but 5 mins driving. And it is right by the library so I checked out some library books!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

on post vs off post housing

There are pros and cons to living on post or living off post. We have been stationed at 3 different posts and this is my experience. Well first of all you may not even have a choice. Most posts have a wait list for on post housing so you are stuck with living off post. Which may not be a bad thing, depending on the location. If you can get a place on post there are its advantages. Hubby gets to sleep a little longer b/c he is closer to work. Might even get to come home for lunch if they have a long enough lunch. You live by other military families! Live in a safe neighborhood. Don't have to worry about a bad landlord that wont get things fixed in the house. You have a problem with the house maintenance comes out the next day to fix it! Close to the PX and Commissary. Most large post offer fun classes, have cheap hourly child care and have a free gym (sometimes with free child care). But there are it's disadvantages. You are qualified for a certain house on post depending on your rank and how many children you have. They many have a few different houses in your range, but you don't get to pick the one you like the best. You get which ever one is available. In our situation right now we would get a 2 bedroom house b/c we have 1 child. Well we are trying to get prego again and I don't want to move into a 2 bedroom house onpost and then once I get prego we then qualify for a 3 bedroom, wait for one to come available and move again to a 3 bedroom. What a pain. If you live off post you get housing allowance which depends on your rank and location on how much you get. And from there you find a house to rent or buy. Sometime you come out ahead and find a place for cheaper than you BAH depending on the location and your rank. But usually around any post the prices of houses go up b/c they know soldiers need housing. But if you live off post you can choose how many bedrooms, which style house you like better, you are the ultimate decision maker in finding a house. And when you live on post to get to anything off post like restaurants, movie theater, shopping, wal-mart, etc you have to drive off post for that and that could take 15-30 mins depending on where you live. When you live off post you can live right by everything. If you need to run to Target, it is right there. If you want some fast food, it is right around the corner. You get to learn the city more and experience the city more when you live off post! When you live on post you usually stick to the things they have on post with the occasional trip to wal-mart and shopping off post. I have done both and each time it depended on the post and area if living on post or off post was better. But for right now I enjoy living off post. We got lucky and found a nice 3 bedroom house, a little above our price range, in a great location next to everything! I love having the extra bedroom for my scrap room and hopefully soon to be baby's room!

swim time

I finally got Roy to bring the hose in the backyard so I could fill up Westin's pool so he could swim. Well needless to say there was less swimming and more playing outside the pool. He mostly played with the water hose! That was his fave. And he would run around the pool! He is so silly!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Westin hearts chocolate!!!

When we were checking out at Wal-mart yesterday I decided to get me and Westin a candy bar. I would say he liked it! I love how he even posed for me :) That's my boy!

shopping at outlet mall

They had a play area at the outlet so we stopped so Westin could play! He really liked the motorcycle so Tara took a pic of us on it :)
He just looks so happy to get to run around and play! I love seeing him happy!
Westin on the motorcycle!
And he passed out in Lane Bryant! lol After he threw a fit at the food court and would not eat! I knew he was tired! My crazy booga man!
We had a blast at the outlet mall! They had great stores good prices, a play area for Westin, nice food court and a little water fountain! We are def going back, soon!


My honeys promised me breakfast this morning. We didn't have much to cook, but I told him I wanted funny eggs. I'm not sure where the term funny egg came from but it is fried eggs with runny yokes. Well he doesn't know how to make them. He is the scrambled egg king! But he does know how to make eggs in a blanket! And he just makes my eggs runny! And I don't have a circle cut out, but I do have pumpkin cookie cutters so Roy used that. So I had pumpkin toast! haha I love it! Thanks honey for the breakfast

Friday, August 20, 2010

some pics from El Paso

Right when we moved in me and Westin played outside and he got in his pool with no water and played in it! He is so silly! He played with his cars and laid down in it!
We checked out the PX here and they have a huge food court! Westin discovered Cinnamon twist from Taco bell. which I knew he would like them ,but getting him to try them is a whole nother story!
beautiful mountains on Bliss! Never lived by the mountains! SO pretty! I hope that means cool nights to come!
Poor Westin! The very first day here we went to a friends house for a BBQ. They helped us get our house which just so happened to be like 3 doors down from them. Westin face planted in their driveway and messed up his face pretty good! He busted his lip all up and his pretty face. It's not looking good for Westin. Westin-0 Concrete -3. He should know by know concrete always wins so stop fighting with it lol

our trip to El Paso!

me driving the Equinox :)
We stopped right outside San Antonio to fill up and fix the car trailer. I got Westin a rice crispy treat and chocolate milk and he was good! He had both of his cracks and he was good to go. I did not hear a peep out of him for a while.
Isn't this pretty?! You see a lot of this in Ks. We also saw windmills and beautiful mountains. It started to rain a little over half way there and the temps got down to 70 (it said in my car). I thought to myself, "I am started to like El Paso already"

update on new scraproom

I got more boxes cleared out so you can actually walk in the room! I pretty much have everything where I want it in my scrap desk. I do need to reorganize a few things. Maybe my paper and my photos for sure!I have a few boxes full waiting to be put away, but I need to bookshelf first. That is the next purchase. But it is coming together!
So I find golf clubs and a diaper (clean!) on the floor in my bedroom. I wonder whos those belong to and whom could have done that?
This is the result of me organizing my file cabinet with my label maker! I have been needing to do this since I bought my file cabinet over 2 years ago! It has been on the to do list for quiet some time. I am glad I got it done. Now I can find important documents without stressing out! Let's hope this helps my stress levels :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


me and Tara playing BINGO! We didn't win, but had fun!
They had a snack bar and I got me some nacho's! Not to self next time don't ask for a coke b/c they will give you a Pepsi instead! I didn't want that nasty Pepsi, but she rung me up before I even knew they have Pepsi instead of coke! She should have said, "Is Pepsi okay?" and I would have said, "Are you off your rocker? Of Course Pepsi is not okay!" and get something! Don't she know coke and Pepsi are different? Man she had her nerve
The BINGO board! they are high tech! lol They had different shapes to make from your bingo cards! This is the bowling pins game
my blue dabber! Of course I had to get blue. Me and Tara went to dollar store and got us some dabbers!

Monday, August 16, 2010

scrap room!

This is my new scrap room! I was so excited to get a 3 bedroom house! I could finally have a whole room for my scrap stuff! I've had those cubes for a while, but was never really able to use them like I wanted. So I told my husband how I wanted the cubes set up and he made me a desk top to fit it! He cut plywood with a hand saw, sanded it down and painted it white! He is a keeper! I am so happy. This is exactly what I wanted! The room needs more work. I just unpacked what I needed to scrapbook lol. So I need to finish unpacking and better organize my scrap stuff! And the purple walls were there when we moved in and at first I didn't like them. But once we got some stuff in there and set up my white desk, I think it looks good now! More photos to come..

pic of new house

This is our master bedroom!
all my furniture actually fit in our room. That has never happened!
our living room. Westin is holding down the house and on my computer lol
Westin's bathroom AKA the flip flop bathroom
Master bathroom. When we moved in the walls were painted this sea foam green so we bought a shower curtain to match.

the move

This was the easiest, hardest move ever! Renting the truck, packing up our stuff, loading the truck, clear housing, the drive to El Paso, actually finding a house the day before we get here and moving our stuff in the house was all pretty easy. No problems with the moving truck. Got everything packed up and loaded in the truck with no problems. Even the drive here was easy. There was one small problem, the truck didn't weigh as much as we thought so we may not get as much money as we thought. But after the move is where the problems began. We were suppose to get an advance in our didy move and we didn't get any money. We only got an advance on our travel money so that helped pay for some things. Well we have already been in this house for over 2 weeks and still no money. How am I suppose to pay for rent? deposit? moving truck? bills? Roy still hasn't gotten BAH for this month. I am really stressing out! I had to put a lot of charges on my credit card, which I can pay when we do get the money, but the longer it takes to get the money the more charges I put on the card and I don't want to get more in debt! Roy is going through in processing now and trying to figure out the problem. But once he does all that, how long will it take for them to give us the money? And don't even get me started on the mail here! I have to wait for a mail key! They have to make me a new mail key! And I had to wait till the landlord had a chance to come and give us the lease first. I can pick up our mail, but the post office is 15+mins away and I usually have to wait in line 30+ mins just to get my mail. It has been almost a week and they still don't have my mailbox key and my forwarded mail has not been forwarded yet! What did people do before internet where they can pay bills online? Well I have 1 bill I can't pay online and need that bill! This is so fucking stupid and aggravating!

Westin and his cars

I love these photos. I feel like I captured Westin love for cars. I was able to get photos of Westin playing with the cars! That is hard to do since he never sits still. I love the Oliver collection from Basic Grey. And I used my new cricut cart, summer vacation, for the cars. That cart can be used for so many other things besides vacation and travel! Thanks for looking
This was a quick one I did of some cute photos I took of Westin at Christmas! I just loved that red plaid button up! He looked so handsome in it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

scrapping stuff )

A LO I scraplifted found here about my love for baking. I used Bo Bunny paper
I made a few b-day cards with my new b-day stamp I got from Imaginse