Monday, August 16, 2010

the move

This was the easiest, hardest move ever! Renting the truck, packing up our stuff, loading the truck, clear housing, the drive to El Paso, actually finding a house the day before we get here and moving our stuff in the house was all pretty easy. No problems with the moving truck. Got everything packed up and loaded in the truck with no problems. Even the drive here was easy. There was one small problem, the truck didn't weigh as much as we thought so we may not get as much money as we thought. But after the move is where the problems began. We were suppose to get an advance in our didy move and we didn't get any money. We only got an advance on our travel money so that helped pay for some things. Well we have already been in this house for over 2 weeks and still no money. How am I suppose to pay for rent? deposit? moving truck? bills? Roy still hasn't gotten BAH for this month. I am really stressing out! I had to put a lot of charges on my credit card, which I can pay when we do get the money, but the longer it takes to get the money the more charges I put on the card and I don't want to get more in debt! Roy is going through in processing now and trying to figure out the problem. But once he does all that, how long will it take for them to give us the money? And don't even get me started on the mail here! I have to wait for a mail key! They have to make me a new mail key! And I had to wait till the landlord had a chance to come and give us the lease first. I can pick up our mail, but the post office is 15+mins away and I usually have to wait in line 30+ mins just to get my mail. It has been almost a week and they still don't have my mailbox key and my forwarded mail has not been forwarded yet! What did people do before internet where they can pay bills online? Well I have 1 bill I can't pay online and need that bill! This is so fucking stupid and aggravating!

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