Sunday, August 22, 2010


My honeys promised me breakfast this morning. We didn't have much to cook, but I told him I wanted funny eggs. I'm not sure where the term funny egg came from but it is fried eggs with runny yokes. Well he doesn't know how to make them. He is the scrambled egg king! But he does know how to make eggs in a blanket! And he just makes my eggs runny! And I don't have a circle cut out, but I do have pumpkin cookie cutters so Roy used that. So I had pumpkin toast! haha I love it! Thanks honey for the breakfast


  1. Looks SO Good! My Guy Makes The Best Egg Sandwiches Too, Maybe It's A Guy Thing *lol

  2. Those look good! I've never mastered making fried eggs even though I love them so I think I might have to try making them this way!