Friday, August 20, 2010

update on new scraproom

I got more boxes cleared out so you can actually walk in the room! I pretty much have everything where I want it in my scrap desk. I do need to reorganize a few things. Maybe my paper and my photos for sure!I have a few boxes full waiting to be put away, but I need to bookshelf first. That is the next purchase. But it is coming together!
So I find golf clubs and a diaper (clean!) on the floor in my bedroom. I wonder whos those belong to and whom could have done that?
This is the result of me organizing my file cabinet with my label maker! I have been needing to do this since I bought my file cabinet over 2 years ago! It has been on the to do list for quiet some time. I am glad I got it done. Now I can find important documents without stressing out! Let's hope this helps my stress levels :)

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