Wednesday, August 18, 2010


me and Tara playing BINGO! We didn't win, but had fun!
They had a snack bar and I got me some nacho's! Not to self next time don't ask for a coke b/c they will give you a Pepsi instead! I didn't want that nasty Pepsi, but she rung me up before I even knew they have Pepsi instead of coke! She should have said, "Is Pepsi okay?" and I would have said, "Are you off your rocker? Of Course Pepsi is not okay!" and get something! Don't she know coke and Pepsi are different? Man she had her nerve
The BINGO board! they are high tech! lol They had different shapes to make from your bingo cards! This is the bowling pins game
my blue dabber! Of course I had to get blue. Me and Tara went to dollar store and got us some dabbers!

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  1. Jade - I had so much fun! I hope we can do it more offten! Maybe even win some I mean think if we win $50 that pays for 5 bingo trips :-) well almost! Thanks for going home we can go again soon! :-)