Monday, August 16, 2010

scrap room!

This is my new scrap room! I was so excited to get a 3 bedroom house! I could finally have a whole room for my scrap stuff! I've had those cubes for a while, but was never really able to use them like I wanted. So I told my husband how I wanted the cubes set up and he made me a desk top to fit it! He cut plywood with a hand saw, sanded it down and painted it white! He is a keeper! I am so happy. This is exactly what I wanted! The room needs more work. I just unpacked what I needed to scrapbook lol. So I need to finish unpacking and better organize my scrap stuff! And the purple walls were there when we moved in and at first I didn't like them. But once we got some stuff in there and set up my white desk, I think it looks good now! More photos to come..


  1. LOVE your scraproom! You can see mine on my blog is still progress. So I know what you mean about having to do more organizing and unpacking!

  2. Congrats on your new space! Somehow I think the purple works. Also, for the record through all my online gallery, blog & website searches, I don't think I've ever spotted a purple room in the entire bunch! (making it just that more original!) Have Fun & Enjoy! XO