Friday, August 13, 2010

doc appt

So Westin had his 18 month check up yesterday. First of all I was shocked they could fit me in the very next day I called! So they tell me to get there 15 mins early. Well once I park, get Westin out the car, put him in a stroller and roll up to the hospital and to peds we were only about 7 mins early (they can kiss my ass! My time is valuable too) And I had to wait like 5 mins to check in. I dunno why it took so long for the person infront of me. But anywho, they give me some papers to fill out. About Westin's development and about lead and tricare. We were not in the waiting room long and they called us back to get weighted and stuff. Well the min I start taking off his clothes he starts flipping out! I felt so bad for him. We use to go once a month to get RSV shots, Sept-March and I guess he remembers now! He starting freaking out when we had those appts too. I hated that he had to take those shots. But I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. So it was a pain to get him weighted and his height. He was not cooperating at all! So then they take us to another room to wait for the doctor. I close the door so Westin can run around in the room and not have to chase him down the hall. Well apparently they forgot about us. We were in the room for 45 mins! So I open the door and ask the first nurse I see why we are waiting so long. Well she cannot help me b/c she does not have our chart and I don't have it either. Whatever stupid nurse we had forgot out us or something. So a few mins later the doctor pops her head in and tells me they are calling for us in the waiting room and she will be right with us. No sorry for the inconvenience or misunderstand. Doctors can be a real piece of work sometimes! I don't think I've really liked any of the doctors that Westin has had and we have seen a lot. So then some other nurse tells us to move rooms b/c she needs to put someone else in that room. Whatever. So the doctor comes back and drops Westin's chart off and says she will be right back. UGH! REally? So we finally get to see the doctor! The first thing she asks is, are there any questions I have for her? I told her Westin's eating is hit and miss. She told me that is normal at this age, which I already knew. Thanks a lot. You were a big help. She had no advice. So we discuss about his height and weight. All normal. Weight a little low, but good. And height is in the 50th percentile! My big boy! We talk about his surgery. She asks how much milk he is drinking. She thinks he needs more milk, which once again I already knew. I told her a few months ago he wasn't drinking milk at all. So I am just getting him back on milk. And we discussed cardio and ortho and what I did to do to get appts for to see them. And that was it. I think it is funny b/c when I talk to friends (Cheri) about her docs appts they are completely different. And she has been seeing the same doc since birth. So I guess you know them better. We have seen a few different doctors. We were given one when he was born, but I did not like him at all! And once I called to make a same day appt you see someone different and I liked her so we saw her once or twice. Then we moved to ft Sam and had Dr Falcon. We saw him a few times. Then once we needed an appt and he was on leave so we saw someone else. Didn't really like him, but he was okay. He didn't like that Westin was still on bottle with milk at 12 months old. I had Westin off the bottle at 13 months I mean really dude? really? You're gonna bitch about that? And now this lady. So we have only seen the same doc like 2-3 times and that is it. So maybe it isn't ALL the doctors fault. And once they see Westin heart condition I guess that also throws "normal" visits out the window. But I guess it did make me fell better when she pretty much said he is such a good child and in great heath for what all he has been through and I take that as I am doing a good job as a mom which I feel I don't hear a lot and I am sure other moms feel that way too!

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