Friday, August 20, 2010

some pics from El Paso

Right when we moved in me and Westin played outside and he got in his pool with no water and played in it! He is so silly! He played with his cars and laid down in it!
We checked out the PX here and they have a huge food court! Westin discovered Cinnamon twist from Taco bell. which I knew he would like them ,but getting him to try them is a whole nother story!
beautiful mountains on Bliss! Never lived by the mountains! SO pretty! I hope that means cool nights to come!
Poor Westin! The very first day here we went to a friends house for a BBQ. They helped us get our house which just so happened to be like 3 doors down from them. Westin face planted in their driveway and messed up his face pretty good! He busted his lip all up and his pretty face. It's not looking good for Westin. Westin-0 Concrete -3. He should know by know concrete always wins so stop fighting with it lol

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