Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new sippy cup!

Westin needed a new sippy. His old ones were getting all mildew in the spill proof thing. So when we went to Wal-mart I got him a new sippy cup! I let him pick between Sponge Bob and Cars. He surprised me and picked Cars! He even made the "vroom" sound. We have watched Sponge Bob more than we have watched Cars. And as you can tell he likes it. And I am glad this sippy cup does not have the spill proof thing in the lid that kept getting mildew like the other sippy cups!


  1. I miss those sippy cup days! All my babies are ove the age of 10 and I am in baby toddler fever. Now you should know I have 7 kids and certainly don't need 8 but I get that pang and your sippy cup did it...LOL...adorable little guy.

  2. I so love that sippy cup! I want one! lol! Iknow I'm bad! I just absolutely loveeeeee sippy cup designs!

  3. what a cute cup! love the tire tread look around the lid!