Monday, November 29, 2010

my little couch potato

So after we got home from Abbie's b-day party, Westin wanted to lounge on his couch, eat potato chips and watch Toy Story! I guess he was pooped out from the party! He is my little couch potato!

naked christmas tree

This is our naked Christmas tree that we have not decorated yet. We got the tree Thanksgiving day and mom left for her cruise Sat. I doubt it will get decorated before she gets back from her cruise Thursday. The decorations aren't even down from the attic yet! We are def behind on decorating for Christmas this year.

For some reason Jacie keeps drinking out of the Christmas tree stand! She has water in her water bowl, but she insists on drinking out of the tree stand!

Westin had a moment where he stayed still and him and Doug AKA PaPa watched TV together. Westin has these moments from time to time. They come very often and they are few and far between, but they do happen!

Abbie's b-day party

We were invited to Abbie's b-day party. She is Roy's cousin's little girl who just turned 7. She had her party at Jump and Jive. It is like a huge indoor play area! This place was made for Westin! Some of the things were too big for him to climb on so he needed help, but that did not stop him. He did not stop moving the entire time we were there. He was running around and bouncing off of everything! He had a blast and wore me out! There was a huge slide, I mean it was really big and he wanted to go down it. Well I had to climb all the way up the ladder holding him b/c he could not climb all the way up the slide. I was exhausted after that, but he had so much fun sliding down the big slide! We went down the slide a couple of times, but I made him climb up and I stayed behind him to make sure he didn't fall. I thought I was going to fall backwards a couple of time lol. It was hard to climb up the ladder with no hands and trying to help Westin up at the same time. Westin loved playing in the space walk and they had a little slide and ball pit in the space walk. It was so cool! He had fun sliding down the slide and throwing balls in the ball pit and jumping in the space walk. Then when it was time for cake and ice cream he did good for the singing of happy birthday and only ate his ice cream. Did not want anything to do with the chocolate cake! So I ate the cake and he ate the ice cream.

They had this huge soccer ball Westin liked to play with

This is the little slide in the spacewalk!

Me being silly in the ball pit! It was actually kind of relaxing lol. It wasn't very deep so you didn't get buried in it.

This is a pic of me and Westin at the top of the big slide about to slide down! I tried to get so many pics of us and only ended up with a few that actually came out not blurry or Westin actually looking at the camera! lol He was too busy playing to take pics with mom! He had the best time!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

christmas tree shopping

So every year for the past 13 years or so we have been coming to this place and cutting down our Christmas tree! I love having traditions like this especially now I have a son and my family can carry on the tradition. I want our family to have many tradition for Westin. Many family oriented traditions! But sadly we found out that next year will be the last year this Christmas tree farm will be open :( We will have to find another tree farm to go to. I don't know if there are many other tree farms to go to. I hope we can find one and cont the tradition! There is something about cutting down your own tree that makes it more special! You pick it out and then you cut it down yourself, then you bring it home! Fake trees are so depressing! Real fresh Christmas trees bring more Christmas feel to the house than a fake tree! You just can't beat the smell, feel or look to a real Christmas tree!

My booga man was so excited to walk around and up and down the little hills where the trees grow. He is so cute!

Westin got on Doug's shoulders and he thought he was Mr. Cool up there. At one point he even had on Doug's Saints hat. He had so much fun. And the above pic is of Westin and Doug with the tree we picked out. They are so silly. We searched high and low for the perfect tree! Gotta find one not too tall but not too short. Full with not many holes. We like kind of a fat tree, but it still needs to fit in the house. These are our requirements for the perfect tree and this one was the closest one.

Christmas tree strapped on top of the Exterra and ready to go! And when we pulled into the driveway Doug went to pull under the carport and the tree stand ran into the gutter and bent the tree stand. Good thing we had an extra tree stand. Last year mom got 2 trees and made one an LSU tree, but she didn't worry about it this year so we had an extra tree stand thank goodness lol.

Fri at 2:00am the temp was 71 degrees. Less then 2 hours later the temp dropped to 57 degrees and kept dropping. By the time we got home from shopping and I got up from my nap it was about 43 degrees, so Jermey made me a fire!
So after we got our Christmas tree, I went to Sorrento to drop Westin off with his Maw-maw so I could do some serious shopping on Black Friday! Then when I got back home we had our Thanksgiving meal at 6:30 and watched the Saints game. Then Carol came by and we talked about our strategy for Black Friday. We decided to leave about 2:00am so we tried to get in a few hours of sleep before we left. Well I slept like crap and woke up feeling like crap too. It was suppse to rain and have a cold front, but when we left the house it was 71 degrees! So I have no idea what to wear lol. So we started off at the outlet mall. I wanted to go to Childrens Place for Westin some cute plaid shoes and we bought a couple other things while we were there. The line was half way around the store and there were 2 lines! It took forever! We were there like an hour. And when we left, there was the rain and the coldness!!! Brrrrr! We finished up the rest of our shopping at the outlet then were off to Wal-mart! I wanted to get Westin the Toy Story dry erase table for $19! And I heard they were matching prices from other stores, but it had to be the very same product so I was going to see if I could get Toy Story 3 movie for $13 that they had advertised at Target and mom wanted an MP3 player. We got there and me and mom went straight to the toy dept to look for the table. We cannot find it anywhere. Mom found a princess one, but that is it. Then I see 1 in the bottom of a buggie. It didn't look like anyone's buggie so I wanted to make sure, then I grabbed the table! Then I saw baby shopping carts for $10 so I got that for Zoe! We had to wait about 30 mins for mom to get the MP3 player b/c no one could get electronics till 5:00am. So I went and looked at the Cricut lite carts and I didn't see any I liked. They only had a few kinds. But I did go to Micheal's today and get Birthday Bach cart, but I cannot play with it till Christmas b/c it is a Christmas gift from mom :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My silly boy!

So this is my silly boy! I had my camera out and he wanted me to take a pic of him. So he gets right up on my camera and says, "cheese". He is so cute! He has his own camera and he does the same thing to it! It is so funny. He goes through stages where he likes or doesn't like me to take pic of him! I like when he is in the stage where he likes me to take pics!!!

Just look at that ham! He loves his couch! He has the matching chair that he got for his b-day, but we left the couch at Nanny's house. He loves sitting on it and watching movies on the TV. And of course eating a rice crispy treat. These days that is all he seems to eat and maybe some crackers, vanilla wafers and oatmeal, oh and chips, that's it! So I have stressing about that, but I am just hoping it passes soon! Maybe I should scrap about lol. I always forget to scrap things like that. That is why I started a blog is so I can keep up with day to day like better so when I got to scrap it my pages reflect that day more!

This is me and my little man!! I gelled his hair and tried of fix his wild hair. I think he needs a haircut! He is such a little ham! I love it. He knew I was going to take a pic of us so we made this face lol. He is so silly! I love getting pics of us! I can never have enough pics of the 2 of us!

Another one of Westin's silly faces! He is such a silly boy. I enjoying being with him and seeing all his silly faces. Seeing him grow, and learn new things, or a new word, or just watching him dance is my fav! That boy can dance! He;s got moves you would not believe lol! I am so lucky to be able to watch him grow! He is such a joy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mistletoe market!

This weekend my BFF Cheri was in her very first craft show. She hand makes purse, hand bags, wallets, snack bags and pretty much anything you can think of she makes! She has her own etsy shop We have been friends since 2nd grade, when I moved across the street from her. We have been friends off and on since then. She went to a different middle school, then we met back up in high school, then we grew apart after, then we met again at her bridal Pampered Chef party and I went to her wedding. We kept in touch since then, but got really close when I moved back when Roy was in Iraq for 15 months. We started hanging out a lot and even when I moved back we kept in touch and every time I come to town we make time to hang out. Our kids are even 6 months apart and she has a girl so we have already set up for them to have an aranged marriage when they get older lol. So anyways she started sewing. She taught herself how to sew and just started making stuff. First she started with shirts, and now there is nothing she can't make! Her purses are so awesome! And she started making these reusable snack bags instead of using ziplock bags! She is so awesome and I am so proud of her! And she did so great at her very first craft show! I am glad I could be there with her and help her out!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picnic Table

I did this for the Scrap that Baby! blog challenge Prompt 16. The challenge was to scrap about any baby toy. I used Westin's picnic table! I also used my new Echo Park Summertime collection! I am so in love with this paper collection!! Such beautiful vibrant colors! Perfect for my spring/summer photos!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forest Park

This is a park by my mom's house that they just redid! It is so nice now! They have a huge park play area with water fountains for when it gets warm. They have a little lake in the back! Tennis courts and dog park and a huge walking path with pinic tables around the whole park! It is really nice. So me and mom meet there after she gets off work so we can walk around the park and Westin can play!

Look at the beautiful tree with moss!! Don't see many of those in El Paso. Don't see many trees period. You don't realize how beautiful Louisiana scenery is until you don't see it for a while! So pretty!!

I love this pic! When I put him in the swing and pushed, he put his body weight to the front of the swing and that is how he swang! He laughed the whole time. He usually isn't a big swinger! He is too busy running around and checking everything out to swing! But he went to the swings so I put him in it and he liked to swing with his whole body leaning to the front lol! Silly boy! He looks like he is flying!!

He hung out in this little hole they had in the rock wall! This pics was taken when he saw my mom walking up! He got excited when he saw her!

And this is my mom (Nanny) and Westin sliding down the slide together! Mom went down all the slides with Westin. He wont go down some if them b/c you have to climb up a tunnel and he wont do it by himself so my mom went with him and slide down all the slides with him! He def enjoyed that! He had such a great time and fell asleep about half way through our walk!

you and me

I did this for the Scrap it with a song blog. The song was from Toy Story - you got a friend in me. I love that song and my son has recently became obsessed with the movie. We only have the first one, but I cannot wait to get the third one! I also used a sketch from Scrapbooking Ali blog The sketch is actually for a design team call and I don't know if I will even try out for it. I know I will never know it I don't try, but I just liked the sketch so I thought I would try it out. It would be great to be on a design team, but I never seem to have the best luck and I hate to get my hopes up! I also used my brand new summertime collection by Echo Parks! They are my absolute new fave brand! I used up almost off of my Walk in the Park collection within a month! I loved it and I love this collection as well. I cannot wait to get more of their collections. And I even found the summertime collection at Hobby Lobby for $9.99!!! Even more reasons to check them out!

Friday, November 5, 2010

last day with the Peppers

so on our last day we went to NM. It was about a 45 min drive. And right when we got in NM there were tons of cows. I think they have a few slaughter houses out there. Our first stop was the courthouse where we watched a little video about the town. Then we went to this restaurant where they had birds and fish! And I got an horney margarita! It was pretty good too. And to eat I got the fired tacos and they were really good!!!

These are all the ladies in the group!

And out last stop was at this pecan place! I love pecans but they are expensive lol

Me and Tara outside the pecan place!

Pecan trees!! It was a great 3 days with the peppers! A great little program! We learned a lot about all the programs ACS offers. We learned about where things were on post. We learned about the city of El Paso and downtown. I learned to stop at Fallas to get the fab Target clothes I love for half the price! I learned about the little town of NM that we visited. I had a lot of fun and prob gained about 10 pounds lol

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pepper class

Tara and I have been trying to get in this class for a few months now, but it has been full. It is a 3 day class for newcomers to Ft. Bliss. It is from 9:00-2:00 and they provide free childcare. So this was the first time Westin has even been in childcare and he has been doing really well! On the first day we have an orientation about all the services they provide. We received a ton of fliers and even a tote bag for all the papers! Then we went for lunch at Carlos and Mickey's. I heard they have good margarita's, but I didn't get one b/c I didn't have a lot of money. I got the chicken quesadias and they were pretty good. Then we went for a tour of the post. That was fun b/c since we don't live on post we are not very familiar with post. It was very educational! I learned a lot.

Ft. Bliss is located right by the mountains and even some of the West side is in the mountains. So I was able to get some pretty pics of the mountains on our tour. And some nice greenery! It is nice to see some green grass ans trees!

Then on day 2 we finished our tour of east Bliss (Biggs). That is where Roy works. Then we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast which was horrible for my diet but oh so good! I don't eat donuts very much so it was a very nice treat! Then we headed downtown. I have never been downtown El Paso. The building are really pretty! They have a Children museum that I would like to go to! I am sure Westin would love that. We park downtown so we could shop. They had some good deals. First we went in to Fallas and I found some Target clothes there for cheap. I saw a shirt I bought from Target a few weeks ago there for must cheaper! I was mad, but I bought this cute dress for $7.99! Then Tara and I bought these sunglasses from this guy on the sidewalk. I think mine were DG knockoff's, but what do I care? I got them for $4.50!

I love the hostoric downtown sign! They have beautiful buildings and I love the street light posts! They were so pretty. I just love downtown buildings! So then we went and ate at Dominic an Italian restaurant that also has a chocolate cafe where they make their own chocolate! I really wasn't hungry since we had Krispy Kreme for breakfast so I just got a salad and it was a pretty big salad! It was pretty good too!! Then she dropped us off and I got to pick up my booga man! Since this was my first time leaving Westin in daycare I wanted to know how he did, but the first day I picked him up all she said was he was good. I was like that tells me a lot lol. So today when I picked him up I asked if he ate how he did, did he have fun. I still didn't get that much b/c the same ladies are not there all day. But he seemed to have fun and when I dropped him off he went straight to playing with some dinosaurs and didn't even noticed I left. I am excited he is having fun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I feel like everything I have been stressing out about the past few weeks just all came flooding back. The main thing is money! I am tired of never having any. It is more than just that! I went over my cellphone mins, so we owe an extra $100 on our cell phone bill! It just always seems to be something. When we can't even make ends meet with our regular bills and something happens everytime to just make is so much worse! Last month we started an allotment for our rent and they took all of rent out on the 1st pay check. THEN on the 15th took half of rent. They are suppose to take out half on the 1st and the other half in the 15th. Really? So I paid for rent and a half? Awesome. Because we have so much extra money to throw around! Thanks a lot! WTF? So we had to take money out of savings that I have been trying to save for Christmas. It seems like every Christmas all we have money for is to go home and that's it. I really wanted this Christmas to be different! I really wanted to get Westin something nice for Christmas. I already have plans to get him a big boy car bed when we get our income tax, but I really want to be able to get him a big gift for him to unwrap under the tree! And I wanted to do stuff when we are home. Go to the New Orleans zoo, go to lunch with friends, go shopping on Black Friday, Westin really needs some winter clothes! He has 2 pair of jeans and a few shirts. Most of his 18 months shirts are too short. It just would be nice to not have to stress about money for once during the holidays. And I am driving home this weekend, that will cost me $200 in gas that we don't have! Then Roy will fly in when he gets leave so that is more money we don't have. I am really stressing out! Tara and I are in this pepper class that is for newcomers to Ft. Bliss and we go out for lunch then tomorrow we are going shopping and it is a lot of fun. But not when you don't have any money :( It sucks and I don't know what to do. Today at the Pepper class they talked about jobs and I am really thinking about looking into that. I haven't worked since I was prego. I have been home with Westin since he was born. I don't mind working, but it never seemed to work out with Westin's heart condition and moving, so now I think it is time to start looking for a job. And I am hoping I can get one onpost and that way I can put Westin in daycare onpost. The post is really growing so their are defiently jobs opening up, I just hope I can get one! So when I get back after the holidays I am going to start looking for a job! It isn't always as easy at it seems now in days. It is hard to get a job now! I am hoping my Associates degree will help. I dunno how much it will help, but it is something! But I have no idea what to do until/if I get a job

Monday, November 1, 2010


Here are your questions girls:
1. What video gaming system do you own (if any) and what is your favorite game? My husband has the PS3 and I have the wii! The only game I have right now is Mario and I have already beat it with my lil bro. I want to get Just Dance 2. My neighbor has it and I like it!

2. If you could only eat one food for the next year what would it be? that is hard french fries. Can never go wrong with french fries!

3. What was the last movie you've seen? me and my honeys watched Date Night a few weeks ago

4. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? home. Baton Rouge, La

5. What does your last text message say? "I spent 57" telling my husband how much money I spent at wal-mart lol

6. What brand of shampoo do you use? I change it every time we run our. I dunno what kind I bought last lol

7. Who would you cast to play you in a movie? I really dont know lol

8. What was your favorite sitcom growing up? I remember watching 90210 with my mom growing up!