Saturday, November 20, 2010

My silly boy!

So this is my silly boy! I had my camera out and he wanted me to take a pic of him. So he gets right up on my camera and says, "cheese". He is so cute! He has his own camera and he does the same thing to it! It is so funny. He goes through stages where he likes or doesn't like me to take pic of him! I like when he is in the stage where he likes me to take pics!!!

Just look at that ham! He loves his couch! He has the matching chair that he got for his b-day, but we left the couch at Nanny's house. He loves sitting on it and watching movies on the TV. And of course eating a rice crispy treat. These days that is all he seems to eat and maybe some crackers, vanilla wafers and oatmeal, oh and chips, that's it! So I have stressing about that, but I am just hoping it passes soon! Maybe I should scrap about lol. I always forget to scrap things like that. That is why I started a blog is so I can keep up with day to day like better so when I got to scrap it my pages reflect that day more!

This is me and my little man!! I gelled his hair and tried of fix his wild hair. I think he needs a haircut! He is such a little ham! I love it. He knew I was going to take a pic of us so we made this face lol. He is so silly! I love getting pics of us! I can never have enough pics of the 2 of us!

Another one of Westin's silly faces! He is such a silly boy. I enjoying being with him and seeing all his silly faces. Seeing him grow, and learn new things, or a new word, or just watching him dance is my fav! That boy can dance! He;s got moves you would not believe lol! I am so lucky to be able to watch him grow! He is such a joy!

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  1. I think you may have the cutest little boy EVER! lol. What a sweet little face he has!!

    I have an award for you on my blog =]