Saturday, November 27, 2010

christmas tree shopping

So every year for the past 13 years or so we have been coming to this place and cutting down our Christmas tree! I love having traditions like this especially now I have a son and my family can carry on the tradition. I want our family to have many tradition for Westin. Many family oriented traditions! But sadly we found out that next year will be the last year this Christmas tree farm will be open :( We will have to find another tree farm to go to. I don't know if there are many other tree farms to go to. I hope we can find one and cont the tradition! There is something about cutting down your own tree that makes it more special! You pick it out and then you cut it down yourself, then you bring it home! Fake trees are so depressing! Real fresh Christmas trees bring more Christmas feel to the house than a fake tree! You just can't beat the smell, feel or look to a real Christmas tree!

My booga man was so excited to walk around and up and down the little hills where the trees grow. He is so cute!

Westin got on Doug's shoulders and he thought he was Mr. Cool up there. At one point he even had on Doug's Saints hat. He had so much fun. And the above pic is of Westin and Doug with the tree we picked out. They are so silly. We searched high and low for the perfect tree! Gotta find one not too tall but not too short. Full with not many holes. We like kind of a fat tree, but it still needs to fit in the house. These are our requirements for the perfect tree and this one was the closest one.

Christmas tree strapped on top of the Exterra and ready to go! And when we pulled into the driveway Doug went to pull under the carport and the tree stand ran into the gutter and bent the tree stand. Good thing we had an extra tree stand. Last year mom got 2 trees and made one an LSU tree, but she didn't worry about it this year so we had an extra tree stand thank goodness lol.

Fri at 2:00am the temp was 71 degrees. Less then 2 hours later the temp dropped to 57 degrees and kept dropping. By the time we got home from shopping and I got up from my nap it was about 43 degrees, so Jermey made me a fire!
So after we got our Christmas tree, I went to Sorrento to drop Westin off with his Maw-maw so I could do some serious shopping on Black Friday! Then when I got back home we had our Thanksgiving meal at 6:30 and watched the Saints game. Then Carol came by and we talked about our strategy for Black Friday. We decided to leave about 2:00am so we tried to get in a few hours of sleep before we left. Well I slept like crap and woke up feeling like crap too. It was suppse to rain and have a cold front, but when we left the house it was 71 degrees! So I have no idea what to wear lol. So we started off at the outlet mall. I wanted to go to Childrens Place for Westin some cute plaid shoes and we bought a couple other things while we were there. The line was half way around the store and there were 2 lines! It took forever! We were there like an hour. And when we left, there was the rain and the coldness!!! Brrrrr! We finished up the rest of our shopping at the outlet then were off to Wal-mart! I wanted to get Westin the Toy Story dry erase table for $19! And I heard they were matching prices from other stores, but it had to be the very same product so I was going to see if I could get Toy Story 3 movie for $13 that they had advertised at Target and mom wanted an MP3 player. We got there and me and mom went straight to the toy dept to look for the table. We cannot find it anywhere. Mom found a princess one, but that is it. Then I see 1 in the bottom of a buggie. It didn't look like anyone's buggie so I wanted to make sure, then I grabbed the table! Then I saw baby shopping carts for $10 so I got that for Zoe! We had to wait about 30 mins for mom to get the MP3 player b/c no one could get electronics till 5:00am. So I went and looked at the Cricut lite carts and I didn't see any I liked. They only had a few kinds. But I did go to Micheal's today and get Birthday Bach cart, but I cannot play with it till Christmas b/c it is a Christmas gift from mom :)

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