Friday, November 5, 2010

last day with the Peppers

so on our last day we went to NM. It was about a 45 min drive. And right when we got in NM there were tons of cows. I think they have a few slaughter houses out there. Our first stop was the courthouse where we watched a little video about the town. Then we went to this restaurant where they had birds and fish! And I got an horney margarita! It was pretty good too. And to eat I got the fired tacos and they were really good!!!

These are all the ladies in the group!

And out last stop was at this pecan place! I love pecans but they are expensive lol

Me and Tara outside the pecan place!

Pecan trees!! It was a great 3 days with the peppers! A great little program! We learned a lot about all the programs ACS offers. We learned about where things were on post. We learned about the city of El Paso and downtown. I learned to stop at Fallas to get the fab Target clothes I love for half the price! I learned about the little town of NM that we visited. I had a lot of fun and prob gained about 10 pounds lol


  1. "And I got an horney margarita!" Say what?!! A honey margarita maybe? LOL!