Monday, November 29, 2010

Abbie's b-day party

We were invited to Abbie's b-day party. She is Roy's cousin's little girl who just turned 7. She had her party at Jump and Jive. It is like a huge indoor play area! This place was made for Westin! Some of the things were too big for him to climb on so he needed help, but that did not stop him. He did not stop moving the entire time we were there. He was running around and bouncing off of everything! He had a blast and wore me out! There was a huge slide, I mean it was really big and he wanted to go down it. Well I had to climb all the way up the ladder holding him b/c he could not climb all the way up the slide. I was exhausted after that, but he had so much fun sliding down the big slide! We went down the slide a couple of times, but I made him climb up and I stayed behind him to make sure he didn't fall. I thought I was going to fall backwards a couple of time lol. It was hard to climb up the ladder with no hands and trying to help Westin up at the same time. Westin loved playing in the space walk and they had a little slide and ball pit in the space walk. It was so cool! He had fun sliding down the slide and throwing balls in the ball pit and jumping in the space walk. Then when it was time for cake and ice cream he did good for the singing of happy birthday and only ate his ice cream. Did not want anything to do with the chocolate cake! So I ate the cake and he ate the ice cream.

They had this huge soccer ball Westin liked to play with

This is the little slide in the spacewalk!

Me being silly in the ball pit! It was actually kind of relaxing lol. It wasn't very deep so you didn't get buried in it.

This is a pic of me and Westin at the top of the big slide about to slide down! I tried to get so many pics of us and only ended up with a few that actually came out not blurry or Westin actually looking at the camera! lol He was too busy playing to take pics with mom! He had the best time!

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