Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pepper class

Tara and I have been trying to get in this class for a few months now, but it has been full. It is a 3 day class for newcomers to Ft. Bliss. It is from 9:00-2:00 and they provide free childcare. So this was the first time Westin has even been in childcare and he has been doing really well! On the first day we have an orientation about all the services they provide. We received a ton of fliers and even a tote bag for all the papers! Then we went for lunch at Carlos and Mickey's. I heard they have good margarita's, but I didn't get one b/c I didn't have a lot of money. I got the chicken quesadias and they were pretty good. Then we went for a tour of the post. That was fun b/c since we don't live on post we are not very familiar with post. It was very educational! I learned a lot.

Ft. Bliss is located right by the mountains and even some of the West side is in the mountains. So I was able to get some pretty pics of the mountains on our tour. And some nice greenery! It is nice to see some green grass ans trees!

Then on day 2 we finished our tour of east Bliss (Biggs). That is where Roy works. Then we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast which was horrible for my diet but oh so good! I don't eat donuts very much so it was a very nice treat! Then we headed downtown. I have never been downtown El Paso. The building are really pretty! They have a Children museum that I would like to go to! I am sure Westin would love that. We park downtown so we could shop. They had some good deals. First we went in to Fallas and I found some Target clothes there for cheap. I saw a shirt I bought from Target a few weeks ago there for must cheaper! I was mad, but I bought this cute dress for $7.99! Then Tara and I bought these sunglasses from this guy on the sidewalk. I think mine were DG knockoff's, but what do I care? I got them for $4.50!

I love the hostoric downtown sign! They have beautiful buildings and I love the street light posts! They were so pretty. I just love downtown buildings! So then we went and ate at Dominic an Italian restaurant that also has a chocolate cafe where they make their own chocolate! I really wasn't hungry since we had Krispy Kreme for breakfast so I just got a salad and it was a pretty big salad! It was pretty good too!! Then she dropped us off and I got to pick up my booga man! Since this was my first time leaving Westin in daycare I wanted to know how he did, but the first day I picked him up all she said was he was good. I was like that tells me a lot lol. So today when I picked him up I asked if he ate how he did, did he have fun. I still didn't get that much b/c the same ladies are not there all day. But he seemed to have fun and when I dropped him off he went straight to playing with some dinosaurs and didn't even noticed I left. I am excited he is having fun!

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  1. OMG, i love krispy kreme donuts! So good! Sounds like a fun 3 days!