Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forest Park

This is a park by my mom's house that they just redid! It is so nice now! They have a huge park play area with water fountains for when it gets warm. They have a little lake in the back! Tennis courts and dog park and a huge walking path with pinic tables around the whole park! It is really nice. So me and mom meet there after she gets off work so we can walk around the park and Westin can play!

Look at the beautiful tree with moss!! Don't see many of those in El Paso. Don't see many trees period. You don't realize how beautiful Louisiana scenery is until you don't see it for a while! So pretty!!

I love this pic! When I put him in the swing and pushed, he put his body weight to the front of the swing and that is how he swang! He laughed the whole time. He usually isn't a big swinger! He is too busy running around and checking everything out to swing! But he went to the swings so I put him in it and he liked to swing with his whole body leaning to the front lol! Silly boy! He looks like he is flying!!

He hung out in this little hole they had in the rock wall! This pics was taken when he saw my mom walking up! He got excited when he saw her!

And this is my mom (Nanny) and Westin sliding down the slide together! Mom went down all the slides with Westin. He wont go down some if them b/c you have to climb up a tunnel and he wont do it by himself so my mom went with him and slide down all the slides with him! He def enjoyed that! He had such a great time and fell asleep about half way through our walk!

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