Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec. 25

Santa came last night and brought Westin a riding truck and toy story dry erase table! He loved them! He also got Despicable me and Toy Story 3 and a ton of other toys! We opened our presents from each other. We had a great Christmas. Then we ate "lunch" at mom's around 2:00 and it was soo good! I ate way too much! Then we got ready to go to my dad's house for 5:00. My dad bought a gal of eggnog daiquiri so I had some :) We had a good time. Westin got an ironman power wheels that he loved! He can't figure out the steering, but he will get it lol We had such a great Christmas and I look forward to many too come!

Dec. 24

So we get a call from Billie (Roy's aunt) the day before telling us the Christmas eve is going to be at grandpa's house since he wouldn't be able to make it. Apparently grandpa has had some health problems. His diabetics got bad and he had to have a toe removes. This was the first time I had heard about it and Roy too. It would have been nice to know a little more in advance, but we would have gone either way. So that was our first stop. Westin got a lot of good stuff! He racked up in cars and tractors! Then we went home for Westin to take a nap. Then we went to my cousins Drew's house. It was the first time Drew had done this at his house and our first time at his house! We use to always to do Christmas eve at Maw-maw's house and since Maw-maw pasted away Christmas eve hasn't been the same. Paw-paw doesn't care to carry on the tradition so we have been doing our own thing. And this year I was so happy that Drew decided to have it at his house! I can't wait to buy a house and have Christmas eve at our house. That is my dream, but being in the army makes that hard to do. But one day I will have my house and have Christmas eve at my house. It was nice to see everyone from Paw-paw's side of the family. We don't get to see them very often.

Dec. 22

Today was actually a nice day so me and Westin went to the park. He had fun running around. He would not go down the big slide by himself so I had to climb up and slide down with him! I would be lying if I said I didn't have fun! I am just a big kid at heart! The park was pretty busy since we have had a lot of cold days lately. And it got pretty hot that day too! Then when we got home I put Westin down for a nap. And when he woke up we played outside in the back yard. It was so nice outside. He had fun playing in the dirt with his big truck! What a fun day! I love weather like this. I hate when it gets cold and there is nothing to do but sit by the fire! I like to get out and do stuff and Westin does too lol. I am already looking forward to spring and it isn't even officially winter yet.

Dec. 20

So mom and I had to go grocery shopping since we had no food except what was left over from the party. So off to visit the beautiful people at wal-mart (yes I am exaggerating lol). I hate that I didn't keep up with each day b/c now that is all I can think of that happened that day :( I am so mad at myself for not keeping up with it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec. 19

So after the Christmas party, the next day we had to get up and drive an hour and a half to Roy's moms house. They were having their christmas party. They were frying fish and french fries, my fave!!!! The food was good and we had a good time. Westin had got a lot of gifts! He loved his Mr. Potato head that he got. He also got a a car that talks, from the movie Cars. It was a nice, kind of cool day outside and Westin wanted to go outside to play. He had fun throwing the football and basketball around with Roy, and Austin. He wants to play with the big kids so bad. Westin had so much fun playing! We stayed and hung out for a while. It was nice to hang out!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec. 18

THE CHRISTMAS party!!!!! We had so much to do to get ready. We had some more setting up to do, more food to make and we had to get ready ourselves! Plus Westin was there with us the whole time! I was starting to get sick. Jermey (my older bro) was starting to get sick. Roy was driving in from El Paso. It was such a crazy day! But once the party started it was so much fun! Westin was dancing when we danced. He was bustin some moves! My baby loves to dance! He had so much fun! So once I put him to bed it was party time! We started taking shots, and jello shots and I made some buttery nipple shots that my friends liked! I never get any pics at the christmas party so I made a point to take some pics of my friends when we were in the kitchen, then I set my camera down and forgot to take pics after that. I wish I would have taken more pics, but it is hard when you are hanging out with everyone and take pics! Plus it is a night. But I got a few good pics with my friends!

Dec. 17

So it was a day before the party and we were trying to do everything we can in advance for the party. I made some white chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies with Hershey kiss, Oreo balls, brownies and jello shots! Me and mom were running around like mad women trying to get as much stuff done as we could.

Dec. 16

Today was cleaning day to get ready for the party! I cleaned up all of Westin's toys so mom could vacuum and clean the floors and I had the job of cleaning the bar. I also helped Cooper set up in the backyard. I cleaned the chairs and helped pick up some trash! Only a few more days till the Christmas party!! That night Gabe and I went to the movies to see Love and other drugs. I heard there was a lot of nudity in that movie and that was no exaggeration lol. It was a good movie tho. I liked it :) Gabe might have been a little uncomfortable with all the nudity, especially the guy nudity, but he didn't seem to mind that much. It was so nice to get out and go to the movies. I haven't been to the movies in forever! I love going to the movies! So thanks Gabe for going with me :)

Dec. 15

Today was the big grocery shopping day for the Christmas party! We had 2 buggies full of stuff! We had to get Cooper to help us and he pushed 1 buggy and I pushed the other one. We also needed his car for trunk space! We had a lot of food!

Dec. 14

Finally a good pic of mom's tree with presents under it!
So my stupid charger to my laptop broke! I have been out of a laptop for a few days! I was so mad b/c I bought a new charger a year ago and it was $80! I did not want to spend $80 for another charger and it only last a year. So mom said she would get me one with the rest of my Christmas money! So yay! I got my laptop charger!!! I was sooo happy!

Dec. 13

We went to Target to get some wrapping paper and a few more gifts. Mom got Westin a cute outfit! But the pants did not fit so I need to take them back. So when we got back we wrapped presents! So Now we have presents under the tree! Westin wasn't feeling good for a few days, but then today it got bad and he was running fever. I could tell he was feeling so bad! He even feel asleep on me on the couch! So I took him to Lake After Hours and the doctor said she had been seeing a lot of that and prescribed him some antibiotics.

Dec. 12

Westin is reading the Sunday paper! Mom was at the table reading the paper and going through the sale papers and Westin climbed up on the chair and grabbed the Toys R Us sale paper and looked at it! He needed to make sure to let us know what he wanted for Christmas. He is so silly!

Monday, December 20, 2010


So I wanted to make a list of things I want to accomplish. No time limit, just whenever I accomplish something I can scratch it off my list and feel like I am accomplishing things! They can been simple things to hard to do things!

1. get my hair cut
2. get a job
3. buy a house
4. clean out my car! inside and out!
5. get a pedi
6. go to the beach
7. take Westin to his first movie in a theater!
8. learn how to play the guitar
9. go to a Saints game

This is the start of my list!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec. 11

And it is Jesse's turn on Westin's couch! I did not think he could fit on the couch, but it was folded out so he fit his big butt on there!
The weather was actually kind of nice for a few days and cool weather was coming soon so me and Westin went outside in mom's backyard to play while we waited for mom to get back home with chicken biscuits. And my mom has this giraffe in her yard and Westin decided to give her love! I dunno what he was doing so I asked him to give her a kiss and he did the same thing but just made noises lol He is so silly! So then Westin took a nap then we got ready to go to Cheri's to watch the UFC fight!
Westin and Zoe were sharing chips <3 They are so cute and love each other even more each time they see each other! We had so much fun! It was Cheri, Josh, Cindy, Gabe, D, and his little girl, Daniel, Misty and Travis. We BBQed and hung out outside until the fight came on! We had the best time just hanging out and being our goofy selves! It was a blast. And of course George St. Perrie won the fight! I knew he would. Josh Koscheck is an idiot! I love my friends and my peeps! They are the best!

Dec. 10

I knew it would happen eventually one of the dogs, prob moo, would lay on Westin's Toy Story couch! It is the perfect size for Mr. Moo. I am surprised it took this long for one of them to get one there.
Westin stole my phone to text his peeps (Zoe).
This is my big baby sleeping on the couch! He his ol head is hanging off the cough. I love my big moose! He has been sleeping with us lately. He use to sleep with mom, Doug (step dad) and Jacie (dog), but I guess it got too crowded for him so he now sleeps in the room with me and Westin on my bed! I have a king sized bed and he sleeps at my feet and keeps my toes warm in this cold weather so I dont mind. I miss my big poo poo head!

Dec. 9

So we went to the mall to get some Christmas presents. Me, Westin, mom and Cooper! Cooper needed a belt and some shoes. I wanted a new bra and mom was looking for Westin some Christmas PJ's. They have this beautiful merry go round in the middle of the mall so me and Westin went on it. He was unsure in the beginning then it started moving and he kind of liked it! We picked one that didn't go up and down just to make sure he liked it. Westin stayed up almost the whole time then finally feel asleep right before we got cookies so we got him one and when we woke up he ate his peanut butter cookie!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec. 8

While I was getting ready in the bathroom I had some company. Next thing I know he has my shoes on! He always tries to put on everyones shoes.

So today I wanted to run some errands. I got a pretty slow/late start. Me and Westin stayed in bed till almost 8:30 watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse on Disney. He likes to lay in my bed when we wake up and watching tv. If I get out of bed or leave the room he gets very upset. Then we got up and mom had made mixed berry muffins! YUM! Westin ate maybe one, one and a half muffins. he has been eating more so this was unusual. Who knows with him. So I start getting ready and try to get him ready. He was up my butt the whole time. In the bathroom with me, brushing his teeth, brushing his teeth with my tooth brush, digging in the cabinets under the sink. Then when I went to get him ready he is being good playing with his block. Really? Then he wants to wear his new plaid shoes! I love those shoes but I thought they were a little big and bothered him, but he wanted them on so I put them on. He has never told me something like that. my big boy is growing up. So we ran our errands. I picked up some Echo parks, everyone loves Christmas from the LSS by my friends house. I wanted to frame a family pic to give to some people and I thought I would jazz it up with some cute PP! It was hard to decide what papers to buy b/c I didn't have enough money for the entire collection. I hope to get it tho in the future. Westin fell asleep on the way home but did not stay asleep when we got home b/c he had poo poo. And who can sleep with poo poo? So I changed him, tried to get him to eat some lunch then put him down again. he stayed up a while in his bed playing. He finally fell back asleep at 3:30 so he slept till 6:00! I had to wake him up to eat supper. We had ziti and normally he only eats spaghetti noodles, no other noodles. But I let him put parm cheese on them and he ate a good bit! Last night he put parm cheese on gram crackers! I guess that is the trick to get him to eat is to let him put parm cheese on it. Whatever gets him to eat. Then me, Westin and Jesse bear sat on the wedge of the couch and watched Modern Family. I tried to get a pic of that from my phone, but it did not come out the best. but I tried. And now it is bed time.

Dec. 7

I will not be able to have any photos in this blog post b/c my laptop battery died on me so I have to use my mom's computer and none of my photos are loaded here. ( I went back and added a photo of Westin;s hair cut and a cut pic of me in my hat) But I wanted to cont with blogging everyday of Dec until Christmas for my album I hope to day. So Tuesday I went and got Westin's haircut since they were closed on Mondays. I went to this kid hair cut place by my mom's house. I didn't really like how she cute his bangs. She just cut them straight across. I wasn't sure how to tell her to cut his hair, but I did not want his bangs to be cut straight across! It looks stupid and I don't like it. The rest of this hair looks fine. She didn't really use the clippers, just the scissors mostly. And Westin sat there eating his sucker and let her cut his hair! He has never been that still, but then again they usually use the clippers. Whenever he needs another haircut I am going to go to someone else! So after his haircut we went home, and mom wanted to go to the party store to pick up some paper plates for the Christmas party. I looked at the New Year's eve deco to check out how silly I can look on New Year's eve. Not sure if I want to wear the 2011 glasses or the tiara? lol Then when we got home it was nap time! Later that night mom decided to try and make her peanut butter fudge. At first she thought it wasn't going to come out right. It is very difficult and you have to make it just right for it to set right and harden, but it did. It was soo good! I ate so much fudge I thought I was about to explode! I have a pic of Westin's haircut and a cute pic of me with my hat on my phone, but since my charger isn't working I cannot put them on here, but if I could those pic would be here lol FYI :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec. 6

This is Jesse Bear laying by the fire!
Westin giving Jesse Bear a kiss!
And a hug! He hug with his head not his arms!
I told Westin show me his belly button and I got his pic! He is lugging around my water bottle. He is so silly
Monday was another lazy day. I was going to get Westin haircut but I found out they were closed on Mondays. So I am going to go get his haircut tmw. Mom wanted to clean up the floors so I picked up all of Westin's toys! He had his toys everywhere. So I picked up all of his toys and put them away. It got pretty cold yesterday so Jermey had a fire going.

Monday, December 6, 2010


When I saw this sketch I thought about this big tree sticker that I had from my Sweet Summertime collection from Echo Parks. So I searched through my photos and found these photos of Westin in the backyard and I thought they would work perfect with the sketch and tree! I felt like the LO needed a little something else so I added the stitching and a little blue stickles around the clouds. I think it came out cute! Thanks for looking


Over at scrap it with a song the song they chose was Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colby Callat. Well I just recently did a LO called Lucky so I decided to use some of the song lyrics for my LO. I thought these lyrics fit perfectly for this LO! I love the Sweet Summertime collection from echo parks and the tickets from Tim Holtz!

Dec. 5

Today is a Sunday and we usually bum around on Sundays. Mom made her yummy potato breakfast bowls! YUMMY! Then we just hung around the house, Westin went down for a nap, I did a little scrapbooking. Then mom made hamburgers and french fries! YUM YUM! Then we watched Desprate Housewives then I put Westin to bed, then took a shower and went to bed. Such a boring low key Sunday, just the way I like them!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec. 4

So we woke up bright and early to go to the New Orleans zoo. We were meeting up at Starbucks so we could all follow each other. Cooper (my little bro) decided he wanted to come and Cheri, Josh and Zoe and then Cindy and her nephews, and Gabe rode with me. Well we got stuck in traffic on the bridge b/c it was down to one lane for construction. It should have only took us about an hour, but it took us about an hour and a half to 2 hours to get there! Westin watched Yo Gabba Gabba in the whole ride there so he was good! We got in the zoo just in time for the elephant show! And elephants are one of Westin;s fave! But he likes a lot of animals. So we waited for the show. I put Westin on my shoulders so he could see and that little booger is heavy lol. And he meesed with my hair before the show started. Once the elephants came out I think he just stared in amazement! Everyone would clap when the elephants would do a trick and he would clap too! He loved it! We were all getting hungry already from waking up so early then taking us so long to get there so we stopped and ate at the cafe! Then they had a place area right by the cafe so all the kids played for a while. Our next stop on the zoo was the monkey kingdom! They had big gorillias! They are really cool to watch! And at some times inappropriate lol. Then we went to the african area, one of my faves! The above pic is of Westin in amazement of the giraffe's! They were so close you could almost feed them! And mom has a little giraffe that Westin carries around her house. I bet he had no idea they were that big! Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking!
This black bear looks like my jesse bear hence his middle name his bear. He is almost as big as them too! And he sleeps just like that! lol I swear he is part bear! But he is must gentler than a bear lol
Westin and Zoe fell asleep about at the same time! We were at the Louisiana swamp area looking at the alligators and the nutria rats and out they went. So we chilled on the rocking chairs they had by the gift shop! Once we started moving again they both woke up.
I was able to get a good pic of the elephant after the show. Isn't she pretty! And by the way this is an Asian elephant not an African elephant!

Right at the exit they had this dinosaur thing and Westin LOVES dinosaurs. So he had fun playing with the dinosaur!

Dec. 3

They had the festival of lights downtown around the old state capitol (which I think is much prettier than the new one, but that is just me). It started at 4, but we waited until Josh got off to go, but he got stuck in traffic. So we left later than we wanted to. Then there was traffic getting off the interstate. I waited forever to park in the parking garages just to find out they were full and had to turn around. It would be nice if the cop was redirecting traffic to NOT turn down the street with the full parking garages. By that time we had already missed the fireworks! I saw some of it from my car. So I finally met Cheri at another parking garage a little further away. It was 7:00-7:30 at this point and it ended at 9:00! But we went down there! We will have fun anyways! It was hard to move through the crowds with the strollers so we tried to walk out of the crowded areas. Well we stumbled across a Monster truck and they were giving out FREE Monsters! Heck yea! Then I saw some guys with really short shorts that just got done running the fun run. We were all hungry so we went in subway and had us some grub. Westin ate almost a whole bag of chips! Glad his appetite is back. He even ate some gram crackers before that too! Then we met up with Cindy and her friends.

This is sweet Zoe! I thought I added a pic of Zoe and Westin playing footies, but I guess I didn't! They are def liking each other more! They are so getting married! lol

So then we went to the old state capitol and they kids rolled down the big hill! Westin wanted to do it too so we walked down the hill and played with the other kids! We walked up and down that hill about 5 times and I was pooped out! Then it was 9:00, time to go! We had a lot of fun and it was a really nice night! The high was 70 and the low was only 38. I didn't really need a jacket when we first got there. But as it got closer to 9:00 I def needed a jacket! Perfect weather, I just wish we could have got there sooner!