Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec. 4

So we woke up bright and early to go to the New Orleans zoo. We were meeting up at Starbucks so we could all follow each other. Cooper (my little bro) decided he wanted to come and Cheri, Josh and Zoe and then Cindy and her nephews, and Gabe rode with me. Well we got stuck in traffic on the bridge b/c it was down to one lane for construction. It should have only took us about an hour, but it took us about an hour and a half to 2 hours to get there! Westin watched Yo Gabba Gabba in the whole ride there so he was good! We got in the zoo just in time for the elephant show! And elephants are one of Westin;s fave! But he likes a lot of animals. So we waited for the show. I put Westin on my shoulders so he could see and that little booger is heavy lol. And he meesed with my hair before the show started. Once the elephants came out I think he just stared in amazement! Everyone would clap when the elephants would do a trick and he would clap too! He loved it! We were all getting hungry already from waking up so early then taking us so long to get there so we stopped and ate at the cafe! Then they had a place area right by the cafe so all the kids played for a while. Our next stop on the zoo was the monkey kingdom! They had big gorillias! They are really cool to watch! And at some times inappropriate lol. Then we went to the african area, one of my faves! The above pic is of Westin in amazement of the giraffe's! They were so close you could almost feed them! And mom has a little giraffe that Westin carries around her house. I bet he had no idea they were that big! Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking!
This black bear looks like my jesse bear hence his middle name his bear. He is almost as big as them too! And he sleeps just like that! lol I swear he is part bear! But he is must gentler than a bear lol
Westin and Zoe fell asleep about at the same time! We were at the Louisiana swamp area looking at the alligators and the nutria rats and out they went. So we chilled on the rocking chairs they had by the gift shop! Once we started moving again they both woke up.
I was able to get a good pic of the elephant after the show. Isn't she pretty! And by the way this is an Asian elephant not an African elephant!

Right at the exit they had this dinosaur thing and Westin LOVES dinosaurs. So he had fun playing with the dinosaur!


  1. Great pics! Still jealous of this warm weather you have! It was 26 degrees here! Brrr.