Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec. 3

They had the festival of lights downtown around the old state capitol (which I think is much prettier than the new one, but that is just me). It started at 4, but we waited until Josh got off to go, but he got stuck in traffic. So we left later than we wanted to. Then there was traffic getting off the interstate. I waited forever to park in the parking garages just to find out they were full and had to turn around. It would be nice if the cop was redirecting traffic to NOT turn down the street with the full parking garages. By that time we had already missed the fireworks! I saw some of it from my car. So I finally met Cheri at another parking garage a little further away. It was 7:00-7:30 at this point and it ended at 9:00! But we went down there! We will have fun anyways! It was hard to move through the crowds with the strollers so we tried to walk out of the crowded areas. Well we stumbled across a Monster truck and they were giving out FREE Monsters! Heck yea! Then I saw some guys with really short shorts that just got done running the fun run. We were all hungry so we went in subway and had us some grub. Westin ate almost a whole bag of chips! Glad his appetite is back. He even ate some gram crackers before that too! Then we met up with Cindy and her friends.

This is sweet Zoe! I thought I added a pic of Zoe and Westin playing footies, but I guess I didn't! They are def liking each other more! They are so getting married! lol

So then we went to the old state capitol and they kids rolled down the big hill! Westin wanted to do it too so we walked down the hill and played with the other kids! We walked up and down that hill about 5 times and I was pooped out! Then it was 9:00, time to go! We had a lot of fun and it was a really nice night! The high was 70 and the low was only 38. I didn't really need a jacket when we first got there. But as it got closer to 9:00 I def needed a jacket! Perfect weather, I just wish we could have got there sooner!

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  1. Wow I wish it was even close to 70 here! Beautiful pics and sounds like fun!