Wednesday, December 1, 2010

scrapbook book

The AGC (anything goes challenge) over at, had a weekly challenge to put all your loose LO's nice and neat in your scrapbook. Since I don't have much scrappin space at Mom's I have to put all my LO's I complete in my scrapbook. So here is a pic of my scrapbook and the pages that I have so far.

I just bought this scrapbook so I just started filling it. I still have some LO's that need to go in here, but they are at home.

I have a few LO's missing that I need to finish. I don't scrap in order so I leave spaces available so when I do get to the LO I have a space to put it in my book!


  1. I love those binders! I have so many layouts to put away! Yikes!

  2. Love the idea to leave blank spaces. I'd have no idea how many to leave, lol. But, goodness, maybe I should have joined that challenge. I have 4-6" worth of layouts to put away still (and not enough scrapbooks!).