Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec. 6

This is Jesse Bear laying by the fire!
Westin giving Jesse Bear a kiss!
And a hug! He hug with his head not his arms!
I told Westin show me his belly button and I got his pic! He is lugging around my water bottle. He is so silly
Monday was another lazy day. I was going to get Westin haircut but I found out they were closed on Mondays. So I am going to go get his haircut tmw. Mom wanted to clean up the floors so I picked up all of Westin's toys! He had his toys everywhere. So I picked up all of his toys and put them away. It got pretty cold yesterday so Jermey had a fire going.


  1. cute pics! love the one of westin and the dog nose to nose!

  2. Your fire looks so warm and inviting! Love the photos with the doggy!!