Thursday, December 2, 2010


What has been challenging in my life? Well that is easy! There are 2 times, but they are connected. The first was when my son was 5 days old and we found out he had tetrogy of the fallot. He went to a cardiologist to check out a heart mur mur and after having an echo done the results were in and our son has a heart defect. They immediately admitted him to the hospital which was 2 hours away from out home. They wanted to make sure he was well enough to go home and did not need surgery. He was in the hospital for 5 days and we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Kansas City and Roy drive back and forth twice a day to pick my mom up from our house and bring her to the hospital so she could see Westin. It was a really hard time, but I was so glad when I got to finally take my baby home for good! And the second challenge was when my son had surgery. We knew he would eventually have to have surgery, but it depended on him as to when. Lucky we moved to a different post (my husband is in the army) where the hospital was much closer! We went in for our first cardio appt at our new location and Westin just went crazy when the doctor tried to do an echo. I dunno what it was, but he would not calm down and with his heart that is not good. They had to give him oxygen and even ended up having to sadate him while we waited for the ambulance to take us to the Children's hospital downtown. And there he stayed over the weekend to get evaluated. Roy and I took turns staying the night b/c all they had in the room was a crappy couch! And the results were in, the doctors at the hospital didn't think it was necissary for him to have surgery right away, BUT they spoke with our cardio that we first saw and he witness his crazy spell so he thought Westin should have surgery right away. So Westin had open heart surgery that Tuesday! Seeing my baby go through those double doors to have surgery was the hardest thing I have ever done! I broke down when I saw that! And when we got to see him after surgery was hard seeing him connected to machines and soo many tubes, but I thought he looked good! I was happy to see him! And now my baby is all better and never stops moving just like any other (almost) 2 year old! I love him and I am so lucky to have him!


  1. Oh, what an amazing story! I'm so glad that you were so strong for Westin and that Westin was so strong to fight back!

  2. I can't imagine a scarier thing to have to face! I am so glad he is doing well!