Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec. 18

THE CHRISTMAS party!!!!! We had so much to do to get ready. We had some more setting up to do, more food to make and we had to get ready ourselves! Plus Westin was there with us the whole time! I was starting to get sick. Jermey (my older bro) was starting to get sick. Roy was driving in from El Paso. It was such a crazy day! But once the party started it was so much fun! Westin was dancing when we danced. He was bustin some moves! My baby loves to dance! He had so much fun! So once I put him to bed it was party time! We started taking shots, and jello shots and I made some buttery nipple shots that my friends liked! I never get any pics at the christmas party so I made a point to take some pics of my friends when we were in the kitchen, then I set my camera down and forgot to take pics after that. I wish I would have taken more pics, but it is hard when you are hanging out with everyone and take pics! Plus it is a night. But I got a few good pics with my friends!

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