Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec. 11

And it is Jesse's turn on Westin's couch! I did not think he could fit on the couch, but it was folded out so he fit his big butt on there!
The weather was actually kind of nice for a few days and cool weather was coming soon so me and Westin went outside in mom's backyard to play while we waited for mom to get back home with chicken biscuits. And my mom has this giraffe in her yard and Westin decided to give her love! I dunno what he was doing so I asked him to give her a kiss and he did the same thing but just made noises lol He is so silly! So then Westin took a nap then we got ready to go to Cheri's to watch the UFC fight!
Westin and Zoe were sharing chips <3 They are so cute and love each other even more each time they see each other! We had so much fun! It was Cheri, Josh, Cindy, Gabe, D, and his little girl, Daniel, Misty and Travis. We BBQed and hung out outside until the fight came on! We had the best time just hanging out and being our goofy selves! It was a blast. And of course George St. Perrie won the fight! I knew he would. Josh Koscheck is an idiot! I love my friends and my peeps! They are the best!

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