Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec. 8

While I was getting ready in the bathroom I had some company. Next thing I know he has my shoes on! He always tries to put on everyones shoes.

So today I wanted to run some errands. I got a pretty slow/late start. Me and Westin stayed in bed till almost 8:30 watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse on Disney. He likes to lay in my bed when we wake up and watching tv. If I get out of bed or leave the room he gets very upset. Then we got up and mom had made mixed berry muffins! YUM! Westin ate maybe one, one and a half muffins. he has been eating more so this was unusual. Who knows with him. So I start getting ready and try to get him ready. He was up my butt the whole time. In the bathroom with me, brushing his teeth, brushing his teeth with my tooth brush, digging in the cabinets under the sink. Then when I went to get him ready he is being good playing with his block. Really? Then he wants to wear his new plaid shoes! I love those shoes but I thought they were a little big and bothered him, but he wanted them on so I put them on. He has never told me something like that. my big boy is growing up. So we ran our errands. I picked up some Echo parks, everyone loves Christmas from the LSS by my friends house. I wanted to frame a family pic to give to some people and I thought I would jazz it up with some cute PP! It was hard to decide what papers to buy b/c I didn't have enough money for the entire collection. I hope to get it tho in the future. Westin fell asleep on the way home but did not stay asleep when we got home b/c he had poo poo. And who can sleep with poo poo? So I changed him, tried to get him to eat some lunch then put him down again. he stayed up a while in his bed playing. He finally fell back asleep at 3:30 so he slept till 6:00! I had to wake him up to eat supper. We had ziti and normally he only eats spaghetti noodles, no other noodles. But I let him put parm cheese on them and he ate a good bit! Last night he put parm cheese on gram crackers! I guess that is the trick to get him to eat is to let him put parm cheese on it. Whatever gets him to eat. Then me, Westin and Jesse bear sat on the wedge of the couch and watched Modern Family. I tried to get a pic of that from my phone, but it did not come out the best. but I tried. And now it is bed time.


  1. I'd love to hang out in bed watching cartoons with my little one! Sounds like an ideal day!

  2. Don't you love when children decide what they want to wear, whether they should on not! Big shoes makes for a great layout!