Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dec. 7

I will not be able to have any photos in this blog post b/c my laptop battery died on me so I have to use my mom's computer and none of my photos are loaded here. ( I went back and added a photo of Westin;s hair cut and a cut pic of me in my hat) But I wanted to cont with blogging everyday of Dec until Christmas for my album I hope to day. So Tuesday I went and got Westin's haircut since they were closed on Mondays. I went to this kid hair cut place by my mom's house. I didn't really like how she cute his bangs. She just cut them straight across. I wasn't sure how to tell her to cut his hair, but I did not want his bangs to be cut straight across! It looks stupid and I don't like it. The rest of this hair looks fine. She didn't really use the clippers, just the scissors mostly. And Westin sat there eating his sucker and let her cut his hair! He has never been that still, but then again they usually use the clippers. Whenever he needs another haircut I am going to go to someone else! So after his haircut we went home, and mom wanted to go to the party store to pick up some paper plates for the Christmas party. I looked at the New Year's eve deco to check out how silly I can look on New Year's eve. Not sure if I want to wear the 2011 glasses or the tiara? lol Then when we got home it was nap time! Later that night mom decided to try and make her peanut butter fudge. At first she thought it wasn't going to come out right. It is very difficult and you have to make it just right for it to set right and harden, but it did. It was soo good! I ate so much fudge I thought I was about to explode! I have a pic of Westin's haircut and a cute pic of me with my hat on my phone, but since my charger isn't working I cannot put them on here, but if I could those pic would be here lol FYI :)


  1. you'll have to share your pics later! Hey have you checked out amazon for a charger. I googled macbook replacement chargers and found one under $20.

  2. I like the idea of having your child suck a lolly pop - I'll have to tell a friend who's child is terrified of getting his hair cut! Can't wait to see the photos - you'll have to share them now you've told us!