Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How long does it take to complete a LO?

So I was wondering how long it really takes me to make 1 LO. From start to finish. I know sometimes it takes me days to finish a LO, but how many mins/hours did it take to complete a LO? So I am going to figure out how long it takes me! So I am going to log in my mins/hours I spend on my LO from start to finish! I don't know what LO I am going to do next or anything. So I am starting from the beginning.
So I already started on a LO...well sort of. Lets just say the process has started. I dug through my magazine to see if something stood out. Then I went though my photos and picked a few to scrap. Now I have no idea if I will use the photos I picked out. Next time I get to my scrap table I could pick different photos to match a certain sketch or papers, you just never know lol. But this is the start of completely a LO so I spent about 10 mins doing that. I am about to go to bed so I didn't have much time. Doubt I will have time tomorrow unless Westin takes a nice long nap :)
7/14 | 9:55pm-10:05pm = 10 mins scraped

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