Sunday, July 11, 2010

organized photos

I like having this blog b/c when it comes down to scrapping a photo I can come look at my blog and I already have notes from that day or about the photo. I feel like that has been lacking in my LO's. Esp since I have gotten so far behind. I haven't even start on Christmas yet. I haven't really seen any papers that I like. Not many holiday papers out now. So I might wait a few months till all the cute new christmas collections come out! Anyways I also hate only having a limited photos printed out. I want most of my photos at my finger tips b/c you never know when I might want to scrap them! I might get the perfect paper for a certain photo. So when we move we will have extra money and I want to print out a lot of my photos! And I want to sort them and add memorabilia or stickers that go with the photos. I can also print out the blog that goes with the photos. Help me keep organized!

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  1. I love my blog for the same reason! I added a search button, and I can search for when I talked about the park or whatever and it pops up. Gotta love that. Ready made journaling!