Thursday, July 8, 2010


My honeys leaves tomorrow to go back to tx :( We had so much fun this week! Usually it is so stressful when he comes b/c we usually come during a holiday! But this visit was for fun! But we will only be apart for a few more weeks. I will be going back at the end of the month right before we move. Roy is taking Austin back with him to help him pack up the house. Then Tressie will follow me when I go back to help up pack up the rest of the things and then she is going back with Austin then we leave for El Paso.
I am actually finding houses in El Paso in our price range that I like. I had originally stressed about finding decent housing there. I wasn't having much luck when I first started looking a month ago. But now it seems like houses are popping up everywhere! So now I am not stressing as much and is actually getting excited about it! I am just excited about getting a 3 bedroom house!! I am so tired of having a 2 bedroom! It would be so nice to have the 3rd bedroom for extra furniture, scrap stuff and possibly a guest room. Now that room might change into a baby room, but I can still keep extra stuff in there for storage. It also would be nice to have a garage for any extra crap we will need to store like Roy's army stuff.

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  1. House shopping must be fun! I wish I could move into a bigger house. I hope your move goes smoothly and you get everything you need done!