Thursday, October 28, 2010


Megan over at cropchocolateblog tagged me in her blog. So now I have to answer her 8 questions.
Here are the questions:
1. Do you use a paper planner (like FranklinCovey), paper calendar (like a desk or wall calendar), digital planner (like a cell phone, palm pilot, smart phone), digi calendar (like Google Calendar, iCal), or nothing to plan your day & track appointments? I try to keep a planner, but it usually doesn't work. I do have a dry eraser calendar on my fridge and I try to keep a meal plan.

2. What was the name of the last school you attended? (can be high school, college, university, med school, etc.) I attended Barton Community college on Ft. Riley, Ks and received my associates degree.

3. Do you like the TV show BONES (new episodes air on FOX, older on TNT)? I have never seen that show

4. You see a 55 yr old woman and a 24 year old young lady walk into a restaurant--what is their relationship? Mother, daughter

5. What languages do you know (speak, read, or write)? only English

6. Do you recycle faithfully? not like I should

7. If I said the word "Ugaritic" what would you tell me it means? I have no clue!

8. Where do you spend the most money on a regular basis for scrappy supplies? Hobby Lobby. It is right down the street!

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