Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A day in my life: Day 2

Today Roy had to go back to work. He actually had a doctor appointment with the chiropractor for his back. Hopefully they will be able to help. They told him he has a tumor that is not cancerous and some nerve damage that hopefully they can help with. He has to go back twice a week. I hope he can get some relief. Me and Westin went for our walk this morning. It actually felt really nice! I could have almost worn pants, I did say almost. I can't believe how hot it still is here. I thought living by the mountains (even tho we are in the desert) it would be cooler than it is right now. Our high temps are mid 80's which should be nice, but when that sun is beating down I swear it feels 5-10 degrees hotter than it is. Now in the shade it is nice, but you have to be in the shade! Anyways we got home from walking and we ate breakfast watched at little tv then it was nap time. I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, did a little scrapbooking, but then I got tired so I took a little nap too. I woke up checked my e-mail then my mom called. I talked to her for a min then Westin woke up from his nap. I feed him lunch then we walked down the street to check the mail and man it was def a lot hotter outside! I left the backdoor open while I cooked supper so Westin could go outside and play. Then Roy came home and we ate supper. I made crunchy taco casserole. Then we watched the Biggest Loser. Roy gave Westin a bath then but him down for bed. Then we watched Detroit 187 then Roy went to bed and I scrapbooked. Pretty nice day.


  1. Wow Jade! I'm sorry to hear that Roy has been having back problems. Thank goodness the tumor isn't cancerous!

    It sounds like you're looking forward to Fall for those cooler temperatures like I am!

  2. I'm ready for fall too! Would love your taco casserole recipe! Sounds good and tacos is one of Gabi's faves!

  3. well maybe roy will get some relief for his back! I wish some times you could go back to past drs and rub it in their face and tell them thanks for wasteing my time!